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  1. I waited more than 1 month. They will give you an estimated completion date and they will call you before the completion date
  2. Hi everyone Just wondering if anyone received the 2nd VAC payment request email for the 143 visa. We submitted all the documents requested, including AOS acceptance letter, on 7 Nov. 2022 What's the timeline like? It looks like it now takes a bit longer for immi office to finalise the 143 visa applications. Thanks
  3. Hi everyone I am applying for 143 visa for my parents. I have uploaded the AOS acceptance letter onto the contact form. How long it takes I can hear from the case officer? Do I need to call them to suggest I have uploaded all the documents? thanks
  4. AnthonyKaito

    Considering Parents visa - its daunting!

    Hi Raul Quick question. My mum and dad are almost 70 and they are currently on 600 visa. arrived last month. Will they be eligible to apply for 807 aged parent visa on shore? They do have 8503 no further stay as a condition. thanks!