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    494 Visa help

    Hi all, Any help appreciated as I can't seem to find any info online!! I've throughly read up about both the 491 and 494 visa so understand eligibility requirements etc but when are you able to apply for the 494 visa? I've tried lodging an EOI for the 494 but it's not on the list of visas - only the 491. Im assuming maybe I don't need to lodge and EOI for this but equally can't find an option of how to apply! I can find loads of info from other threads on here for the 491 but that won't suit me as I believe you have to be state nominated and the occupations list for Western Aus is very small. Thanks in advance. Lauren
  2. laurenbenefer@gmail.com

    Temporary Activity Visa 408 (Covid 19) HELP!

    Hi all, Any help appreciated. Applied for this visa in July - 28 days before my 417 visa had expired as I was offered a job in one of the critical sectors (Agriculture) Even though I completed my 88 days regional work I was unable to apply for a second year due to already being 31. Since Aug 3rd I have been on a bridging visa. After 4 weeks I had an email asking for extra information, a police clearance. I attached this to the application and this morning received a visa grant notification. The visa has only been granted until 30th Nov 2020. In the application I stated the length of employment to be from Oct 2020 to Jan/Feb 2021. Can anyone offer any advise on why I would have been granted such a short term on this visa when the employment timeline was clearly stated in the application. I have called up and spoken to a lady that said once the decision has been made there is nothing you can do but apply for another visa when it's due to expire - but what are my options!? My employer needs me for the full harvest season and is unlikely to take me on now my visa isn't for the full amount of time!! Thank you!
  3. laurenbenefer@gmail.com

    Sales and Marketing Manager application??

    Hi, Just wondering if anyone else has completed a skills assessment for Sales and Marketing Manager? Assessing authority AIM. Or is in the process of doing the full application after a successful skills assessment/been granted the 190 or 494 visa? Any advice or tips appreciated. About to do the skills assessment. Thank you, Lauren
  4. laurenbenefer@gmail.com

    Sales and Marketing Manager application??

    Hi thanks - I have already done this but would be good to speak to somebody that is going through or has been through this to get a better idea.
  5. laurenbenefer@gmail.com

    494 Visa help

    Thank you! Makes sense. I have found an employer willing to sponsor me. So the first step for them is to nominate me and the first step for me is a skills assessment?