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  1. just to update the miners pension scheme made a mistake and did not do the payment, despite sending a letter with the payment date we are hopefully getting confirmation of an individual payment. run soon
  2. you can process uk cheque’s with cba still, perhaps check with them https://www.commbank.com.au/international/foreign-cheques-and-international-drafts.html
  3. no it hasn’t arrived yet today. thanks for providing some reassurance i’d like to think it’s just because money moves monday night not monday morning
  4. ena123

    Purchasing NI credits for pension

    thanks for this your answers make sense. It’s. a pity we did not investigate this last year then my dad would have started receiving his british pension at 65. now due to his cancer diagnosis he is hesitant to buy the 2 year credits needed to qualify
  5. this is a bit of a paranoia post and hopefully nothing is wrong. my dad was meant to get his miners pension paid on friday 28/2 (obviously in british business hours) today 01/03 it is still not in his australian bank account. In these days of instant payments, we expected it to be transferred by now Do you think something has gone wrong (wrong bank account or something similar) or is this just a normal time lag for this type of payment
  6. Hi my dad is 66. He has 8 years NI credits. If he purchases 2 years worth of credits (about 1500 pounds) he will be eligible for the minimum new state pension. Does anyone here know if he would be eligible for the 12 month back payment ? or how we could find out ?
  7. ena123

    'trivial commutation and aged pension

    Thanks My dad left ther UK at 23. (and is turning 66 in a few weeks) and has been working in Australia over 35 years. Centrelink is still processing the agen pension applciation (showing the expcted completetion date as his birthday). Do think even in these circumstances, he is eligible for anything from England We thoughht that he would not be eligible for the UK state pension, but ill try to investigate this. Hi cancer diagnossi means he most likely wont even be alive when his 2020 tax reurn is lodged in Australia (inApril 2021) His UK private pension lump sum is about 14k pounds. My reading leads me t o it being taxed at 25 percent, but i dont very much understand everything I read
  8. My dad is a n Australian permanent resident from the UK. He is just about to go on the Australian aged pension. He wants to receive his private UK pension as a lump sum via'trivial commutation'as he has been recently diagnosed with cancer. On the form from the British fund, it asks if he will be" in receipt of another form of income as well as this". As he will be on the Australian aged pension, will i tick yes on this? Also would anyone here know how the uk pension lump sum will be taxed in Australia?