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    491..wow..Queensland are quick!

    wow BSMQ must've changed the requirement for Registered Nurse recently, they all require 5 years of post grad experience now, how ma i going to get t
  2. MM93

    491..wow..Queensland are quick!

    Hi, May I ask if you have done the process yourself and did you hire an migration to do it? I am new nursing graduate currently working my way to get the 491
  3. Hi all I know this might be a bit early to ask but I just want to ask some questions in regards with the 491 Visa I just graduated as a RN in regional QLD in the end of 2019 and I will be commencing my graduate program as a Registered Nurse at a local hospital in regional QLD. However, my employment contract is only part time (about 24 hours a week) which does not meet the BSMQ 491 visa requirement of 35 hours a week for 3 months. In saying so I have spoke to the managers at work and I could work for up to 36 hours a week depending on availability. My question is does the 3 months of full time requirement require of 3 months of continuous full time work? or do I only need to have 3 months worth of full time work (e.g. April, July, November) Also any other tips on applying for 491? I noticed they are open for EOI most the time compare to 190? Thanks in advance