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  1. Not sure if anyone's seen this already, but I think it's fantastic! Win-win for everyone https://www.moneycorp.com/en-au/news-hub/extended-working-holiday-visa-for-australia/
  2. Susan Watts

    Transferring money from uk to Aus

    Hello everyone - Happy Friday and a great weekend to you all ~ Sue from Moneycorp (Australia) here and it's really heartening to read all these messages.... I love it when people are so informed and genuinely want to help others through the many mazes of moving from one country to the next - I think as expats we all have so much knowledge to give. The experienced voices above are right: Non-bank registered Foreign Exchange companies like Moneycorp, Transferwise, Western Union, CurrencyWise etc will always give a better rate than Banks. They will also make fee-free payments to your nominated beneficiary (banks typically charge between £25-35/$25-45 to make an international payment) and the margin they take tends to be around 0.75/1.00% compared to a bank who - in my experience - take around 3% minimum. Sometimes as high as 5%. Banks have been able to get away with charging these margins until companies like Moneycorp came into the market to challenge them. As you know, the Foreign Exchange and Payments space has been undergoing a great deal of change in the past 5years, especially in Australia in the wake of the Royal Commission investigation into Banking fees & charges. Moneycorp is regulated for Poms by both the Bank of England/PRA/FCA and Royal Bank of Australia/ASIC. Like every Financial Institution we have to be completely transparent on our pricing and processes - and at Moneycorp we also undertake to be audited twice per year by KPMG as we believe we should be the Industry benchmark and the people to set the precedent in industry standards. All business must be based on trust and ethics. With the price of currency changing in the money market (on average) twice per second - of every second of every day - there will always be continual movement in both directions when booking a trade - the one thing we cannot control - but we can all control our fees and charges: our dealing team are always on hand to talk to new and existing clients and really welcome the opportunity to do so, so that you can get a Live market update. If you'd like to have a chat please call them on: (02) 8228 1490 (Aus) (203) 589 0176 (UK) You can reach me at anytime on 0414 838586 or susan.watts@moneycorp.com
  3. Susan Watts

    Saying Hello!

    hi there, Yes, your thinking is right - If your AUD was being held in your moneycorp account and you wanted to send a sum to a friend/family member in Australia, you could pay directly to their account. Same with if you needed to pay a Real Estate agent - you can pay direct to their account.
  4. Susan Watts

    Saying Hello!

    Hello everyone! Good morning from (Moneycorp!) Sydney - my huge thanks to our lovely Pom Queen for all of her great info yesterday regarding transfers and multi-currency cards (where you can pre-load a sum (ie. £500) and use that card to spend as local currency when you arrive at your given destination) ~ so many to choose from with, seemingly, every Bank and Financial Institution issuing one for their customers. I've been away for the past two days for my birthday and Mum has flown over to see me as a special treat Back now and on hand for anything I can help with (as an Expat that includes questions on airlines, hotels, food, flight costs, train timetables, quokka sightings, restaurants etc....) I might have spent a lifetime in Foreign Exchange, but my clients have even more important other needs once they're here!
  5. Susan Watts

    Saying Hello!

    Hello again, Yes, you will be able to pay into your account with us and then, after doing your fx transaction, you'll have the option to pay those funds to whichever Financial Institution you hold your account with. ie. If you're holding £ with HSBC in the UK and wish to convert it to AUD, you'll instruct HSBC to pay £ to your £ account with Moneycorp, book your fx transaction and then instruct Moneycorp to pay to your AU$ account in Australia, ie. Westpac/National Australia Bank. You may leave your currency in your Moneycorp account - just as you would a bank account - for as long as you wish, then pay to your beneficiaries as/when you'd like to transfer those funds. Feel free to call me on +61 414 838586 if you're in Australia - or you can always send an email to me: susan.watts@moneycorp.com if we're out of hours!
  6. Susan Watts

    Saying Hello!

    Hi there, Great to hear from you ~ Moneycorp are the largest non-bank provider of foreign exchange and currency transfers, we've been in business for more than 40years and we provide a safe, transparent way for you to send different currencies around the world. Non-bank financial institutions operate with the same market price platforms as the Banks but take much smaller margins than Banks which is why you have more cash in your pocket by choosing an operator like Moneycorp.
  7. Susan Watts

    Can't believe it!

    SO happy for you!! This is clearly where you're meant to be
  8. https://www.moneycorp.com/en-au/news-hub/what-has-been-the-impact-of-the-coronavirus-on-the-australian-dollar/
  9. It hasn't slipped the minds of those fantastic people in our Copy team that tomorrow's a Special Day..... www.moneycorp.com/en-au/news-hub/sending-love-all-over-the-world/
  10. Morning everyone ~ With the Corona virus understandably having an impact on economies around the world, I thought I'd send through our overview of how trading and commentary went last week in our Australasian zone: https://www.moneycorp.com/globalassets/documents/terms-conditions/tcs/asian-currency-review---07th-february-2020.pdf
  11. I think the reason so many of us move to Australia is for the fantastic quality of life and the Work/Life balance the Aussie culture allows us. Something our marketing team recently wrote about ~ https://www.moneycorp.com/en-au/news-hub/finding-your-own-work-life-balance/
  12. Susan Watts

    Retiring to Oz ~

    Morning Everyone! Happy Friday from sunny Sydney I've recently had a large number of older clients making the permanent move over here for various reasons: some coming to join their children and grand-children, some from the UK because of their thoughts on Brexit, others because, now retired, they want a different life based more outdoors with kinder weather/lifestyle etc. They've all needed to bring over house-sale proceeds, savings, UK pensions, share-portfolios etc - something we can help with too. Here's a blog we created specifically with this in mind: https://www.moneycorp.com/en-au/news-hub/retiring-to-australia/
  13. Susan Watts

    Saying Hello!

    Hi everyone! Just thought I'd say Hello and introduce myself - my name's Susan and I look after the Moneycorp Australia office over here in Sydney I've been here a while - originally from the UK - and have been through the Migration process myself; so I completely understand how frustrating/painful/maddening/exciting/brilliant/crazy it can be! I do a lot of travelling & have been in the Banking business most of my life, so if I can help in any way just ask the questions