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  1. Annieatta

    Pet travelling back to uk

    @The Pom Queen Thanks, any help appreciated
  2. Annieatta

    Pet travelling back to uk

    Hiya @The Pom Queen He’s a Golden Retriever. I was told that Emirates are only flying out the smaller dogs from Perth to UK, and the larger dogs have to travel via Sydney as that’s the airport that are flying the larger dogs, which is great if you live near Sydney but not so good if like me have a pet in Perth. Another pain is that if I was travelling the same time, or 5 days before or after, my dog can fly to Manchester, but otherwise it has to be London which is so much further away from where I am in the UK. I managed to get my cat back before all this Covid and it was no trouble.
  3. Annieatta

    Pet travelling back to uk

    Hi Has anyone ever flown their dogs back to the UK using Malaysian Airways? I am trying to get my dog back home to the UK from Perth. I was given an option to fly via Sydney with Emirates but didn’t fancy putting him through the extra flight to Sydney first. Dogtainers found me a flight beginning of November Perth to London changing at Kuala Lumpur. If anyone has had any experience with this airline, especially transporting pets I would be really grateful
  4. Annieatta


    Hi im in the same boat and I’m looking to fly my dog back from Perth to Manchester. Before covid my cat departed Perth airport and landed at Manchester Airport. Jet pets have given me a flight that changes at Sydney and Dubai then arrives London. Does this seem to be the same for all pets flying back to the UK do you know? If you have any information I would be really grateful.
  5. Annieatta


    Hi im currently back in the UK. I had a quote off Jet Pets for $6500 for my Golden Retriever. I had my cat flown back just before all this covid chaos and that was around $3800. The only problem I have is that the journey itself is way too long, ( PERTH/SIDNEY, SIDNEY/DUBAI, DUBAI/LONDON. then over a 5 hour car journey to Cumbria. When my cat travelled it was PERTH/DUBAI, DUBAI/MANCHESTER. I was wanting a Manchester arrival as I can go to my families home that’s just 10 minutes from Manchester airport so he can have a couple of days rest and then drive an hour and half back to Cumbria. i’m just hoping flights from Perth to Manchester will pick up soon as I really don’t want to put him through so many changes. I feel so mad at myself that I never got him back the same time as the cat. The reason I couldn’t was that I had none that could take him in till I got back to the UK, and then when I got back myself Covid had kicked in. I understand your how your feeling
  6. Annieatta

    Buying a car in the UK

    Hi i am wanting to pay for a car in the UK. What is the best way to do this, do I need to transfer the money to an English account or can I just pay from my Aussie account. Any advice would me most grateful.