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  1. sophieb92

    190 partner points

    Yeah thats What I thought... I don’t know how I’d change it now though, or inform them that I made a mistake... Surely a lot of people must answer this question incorrectly.. because it just says “when did the relationship start?”, there almost needs to be two questions... one for the start of the relationship, and one for when did it become de facto Thanks for you help though!
  2. sophieb92

    190 partner points

    Thanks so much for clarifying this! Yeah I think it was under family law or something, the two year one! Do you think it matters about the date that I put in? Should I have put when we moved in together rather than the day we became a couple?
  3. sophieb92

    190 partner points

    Hi everyone, Yet again I have struggled to find answers online and am turning to you for help! I recently lodged my 190 visa application and I'm worried that I made a mistake concerning my relationship status... I'm in a relationship with an Australian, we've been officially together since March 2019 and we started living together November 2019. When I did my EOI in January, after some online research I put that I was in a de facto relationship as we were living together and all the definitions of being in a genuine, domestic and continuing relationship etc applied to us. It seemed that the 12 month rule was applied to people applying for partner visas, i.e. they had to have been in a de facto relationship for at least 12 months. I got the same amount of points for this as I would have done if I had put single, so I figured that it didn't matter too much about time-frames as it's not like I get extra points for having an Aussie partner... it seemed more that they wanted an accurate picture of my situation... When I completed my application, I was again asked about my relationship status, so I put de facto, as nothing had changed since I did my EOI. This time I was asked for the start date of the relationship, so I just put the start of our actual relationship, March 2019. Now I'm looking back on it and panicking that I should have put November when we actually moved in together and became de facto. My partner is adamant that I'm overthinking it and says that I answered the question that I was asked... he also said that as he's not an applicant that it shouldn't matter as I'd have the same points if I was single etc... and it's not like my visa depends on how long we've been together anyway... Now I'm starting to question whether I should have even put de facto as we haven't lived together to 12 months and I've seen some things that say that you're not considered de facto until 2 years. Sigh. I'm just very unsure and wondering whether I should contact them to say that I made a mistake... I'm not even sure how I'd do this anyway. I'm not trying to deceive anyone or lie, just trying to be honest but it's so confusing! Maybe I'm just a battler. Does anyone have any advice?? I know that single points/ Aussie partner points are new since Nov last year, so I can't find loads about it!
  4. sophieb92

    Documents for 190 application

    It’s because you don’t need a skills assessment to teach, you only need it to get the skills visa. The VIT is completely separate to anything to do with visas too... every practising teacher in Victoria has to be registered regardless of where they’re from, even to do supply work. They make sure that all teachers do the required amount of professional development, complete any tasks etc if you end up settling here, you’ll find that you essentially have to do your NQT year again to move from provisional to full registration. They’re also responsible for doing your police checks and so on... they’re thorough to ensure that no one slips through the net etc. That’s just how it is here... Australia is just very regulated, you have to have some kind of licence or registration to do most jobs and they all cost money!
  5. sophieb92

    Documents for 190 application

    “You must commit to living and working in Victoria for at least two years. If you are currently living in another Australian state, you will need to provide a current Victorian job offer in your nominated occupation to support your visa nomination application.” That’s what it says on the vic website... I just assumed that would apply to people overseas as well, but I could be wrong, as marissa said it would be nearly impossible to get a genuine job off whilst overseas as the waiting time is so long... With the VIT I honestly don’t know... it was all via the post when I did it, not online. The only thing that I could think of is that they’ve just changed it and the 190 visa scheme hasn’t been changed to reflect that yet... either that or they want to limit it so that only onshore applicants can apply. Either way it sucks! The only thing I could suggest is to keep going and get your EOI lodged on skillselect and maybe they’ll sort it out... you could also contact live in Melbourne to ask... and if you get to the point when you are ready to do the 190 and haven’t heard anything back, you could just lodge it without the vit and explain when/if they ask?
  6. sophieb92

    Documents for 190 application

    I had my VIT first because I was already living and working at a teacher here (on a working holiday visa). Just FYI it took ages, I applied in nov 2018 and didn’t get it until 31 jan 2019! Just make sure that everything is certified when you send it to them, otherwise it becomes incredibly delayed. I started the whole process with my skills assessment 17th Nov 2019 took about 8 weeks I think... AITSL only offer you the SES after you receive a positive skills assessment. I didn’t get the SES! Once you’ve got your skills assessment and your English test you can send your EOI off on skillselect. Then once you’ve done that you can do your 190 application on live in Melbourne website. You have to have your VIT registration completed before you do the 190. For the 190 I don’t think that you had to give any formal evidence of employment in the UK, maybe just letters... they definitely don’t ask for SES. Just a very detailed 4 page CV which had it all on there. The work experience that they seemed more concerned with is your time working in Victoria. I had to provide my contracts, a letter from the principal of my school, a declaration form filled out and signed by the principal. I think that this was because a job offer in Victoria is a condition of the visa. When I got my invitation (22 April 2020) and lodged my application I obviously then had to provide evidence for everything that I stated in my EOI. I just attached the letters from both my previous schools as the evidence of overseas employment. Didn’t bother with the SES. I will do it if they ask for it though. Fingers crossed the letters are enough! Just got the medical left to do now!
  7. sophieb92

    Documents for 190 application

    Yes... any ideas what would be the best thing to do?
  8. sophieb92

    Documents for 190 application

    That would be really helpful... did you have a letter from your schools confirming that you worked there etc and then just have a teacher sign it and say that all the information was true? So strange as I've heard so many different things, some people were fine with just the letter, others had to get the evidence notarised... I'm half thinking that I might just bite the bullet and do the Skilled Employment Statement from AITSL for $230 as they offered it to me after I got my skills assessment... just seems like a needless cost but I guess for peace of mind and avoiding further issues down the line it could be worth it...
  9. sophieb92

    Documents for 190 application

    Yeah I'd have thought that too... but then I'd have also thought that they'd check everything that you're claiming points for... I think I'll just have to give them what I can and hope for the best! Thanks for your help!
  10. sophieb92

    189 Visa 1 Year of Australian Experience

    I recently did the EOI for 189 visa (I have 80 points) and I got advice from several different people advising me that this wasn't enough points to get invited, seems that you need 90-95 at least. This was confirmed by checking skillselect invitation rounds for the last few months, where I don't think anyone with less than 90 got invited. I took the advice of applying for 190 sponsorship, I did VIC as I've been living here for the last year and a half and already working here as a teacher. Two months later I got an invitation to apply. I'd really recommend looking into it as I don't think you'll have much of a chance with 85 the for 189! Although you do have to commit to living and working in the state for 2 years... for me it wasn't an issue as I would have been here anyway!
  11. sophieb92

    Documents for 190 application

    Yes I see that now, I guess "certified" means different things for different departments... Do you think that would still be the case with the evidence for skilled employment? My schools in the UK just sent me electronic letters (still with letter heads as it would be on one sent through the post) as it was easier and quicker than mailing them over, especially given everything that's going on. I'm just worried that attaching a pdf seems too easy! I don't want to be in the position where they need something more official and only give 28 days to provide it... takes longer to get stuff from the UK with schools being closed at the moment and everything! Maybe I'm just overthinking it... seems like other people have been fine just providing letters, but others seem to have been asked for documents to be attested.
  12. sophieb92

    Documents for 190 application

    I'm becoming more and more uncertain about what "certified" means haha. When I did my Victorian teacher registration last year I had to get everything (passport, degree certificates and so on) copied and stamped and signed by someone official saying each one was a true copy of the original... but then with this it says certified, and then it also says colour scan of the original.... For my past AUS visas I just did colour scans and it was fine. Yeah that's exactly what I've got from my two previous jobs... just feel like it's too easy. But I guess they can always contact the schools if they wanted to check, seems like that'd be the easiest and the most reliable way to check the authenticity. I can get a statement of skilled employment from AITSL who did my skills assessment but it costs $220... which I don't mind, but seems silly to pay it if the letters are enough! No that's really helpful, thank-you so much, it's really helpful to hear from someone who has actually been through the process!
  13. sophieb92

    Documents for 190 application

    Hi, I hope that everyone is managing to stay safe and well during this time! I had a couple of questions that I just can't seem to find the answers to online, all I seem to find is a lot of conflicting information... I would be so grateful if anyone has gone through the 189/190 application process and could offer some advice! I was recently invited to apply for a 190 visa (VIC) as a secondary school teacher. I've finished the application and I need to attach documents to support my application before I can send it off. My first question is regarding document certification, is it mandatory? I remember on my previous visa it asked for certified documents, but I just uploaded copies that weren't certified e.g. passport, payslips, letter from employer etc, a case officer did ask me for additional documents but never mentioned anything about certification. Visa was granted shortly afterwards. I was planning to certify everything that was an official document like passport, birth certificate, degree certificates and transcripts etc. But there is some evidence that I'm going to struggle to get "notorized" or "certified" like my evidence of skilled work experience, I've got letters from my old schools on the letter head etc but I don't know how I'd get this certified as it's not an official document like a passport or certificate... Also with my skills assessment from AITSL, they only ever provided me with an electronic copy and an ID number (they only asked for ID number in my EOI). I rang AITSL and they said that the online copy is what you attach to your visa, I guess it'd be easy enough to check as it has the ID number. But again, this conflicts with the request for certified copies. My second question was regarding my evidence for skilled employment, on the form it says: This may include a certified copy of your employment contract, a letter/statement from your business/employer or work reference. I have the letter/statement from both jobs stating the dates, what I did, that I was full time and that I took no leave etc. I do have old contracts/job offer letters but they don't show too much other than the start date and salary, as they were both ongoing contracts. Is just a letter enough? Again it just feels a bit flimsy given that it's not certified. In the letter it has contact details of the school and invites them to get in touch if they have any questions. Just can't seem to find any straight answers anywhere, anyone I manage to get a hold of doesn't seem sure or tells me conflicting information! Would really appreciate if anyone has any experience or has been through this process or a similar one! Thanks in advance!!
  14. Ah yes that makes a lot more sense now, thanks! Well my reasoning was that the 189/190 visa is permanent (or for 5 years then you can apply for citizenship) and costs just over $4000, so $5000 all in all once you've included the skills assessment and english test fees and is decided based on your application at the time, most sound like they get granted within a year... The partner visa is over $7000 if you do it yourself, and seems like a very long process i.e. having to be on a bridging visa for 22-33 months whilst they're processing, then having to get temporary residency and then apply for the permanent residency etc, my current housemates are about 1.5 years into the process and she is still on a bridging visa, seems like they have quite a way to go. It took another friend over 5 years to get her permanent residency through the partner visa... seems like a long and arduous process plus the worry of what happens if things in the relationship change! If things work out with the 189 (or 190 if I don't have enough points for the 189) it does seem like it would be cheaper and a lot less stressful, i.e. processing time is 4-11 months, compared to 22-33 months for a partner visa, and once the 189/190 is processed and granted its done and you don't have to worry about it... Unless I have completely misunderstood the whole process... haha
  15. Yes that was what was confusing me, it just states 12 months for immigration purposes, but I think that it is referring to partner visas. The 190 is my back up option... although I have been checking on the invitation rounds on the skillselect area of the government website and there have been a number invitations issued to people with 80 - 85 points in the last couple of months. A friend of mine who has the same amount of points as me also got invited recently so I think that there is a chance. You're right though, I don't think its enough to bank on a 189 invitation. I'm not sure that I'll be eligible for the partner visa as my current visa expires in October, we'll have lived together for about 11ish months by the date of my visa expiration, so even if we left it until the last minute I don't think it would be enough...