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  1. I was reading through some of the conditions Paul of a 600 which talks about not getting the visa if you are needing to then get a other new substantive visa. I know the optimum word here is new or would it be safer to get the 601 visa and then apply for a bridging visa A. Until his partner visa comes through. We are just worried they are taking their sweet time over the health Waiver 4007. Feels like we are so close yet so far.
  2. Elayna

    Which shipping company?

    Thank you Jon yes I am aware of massive delays at this stage in the process. Luckily we do not need our things for over 6 or more months which is perfect fine. Yes have thought we will need approx 10 grand with what we have to get a start on some household stuff and this will only be the tip of the iceburg but are giving ourselves a year before we need that money after the sale of a house before purchasing elsewhere so have thought it all through just still after any other suggestions of people other than move cube who I have thoroughly researched... Cheers for your thoughts x
  3. Elayna

    Which shipping company?

    Thanks for the reply.. I'm not to worried I have a house I rent out currently so not bri going a huge amount I have done the researxj and had a move cube quote already just wanted to see if any other companies compared. We plan living in family second home for a year so no worry on delays I wl it need anyrhi g for a good six months or even more. Well aware if huge delays in these times.
  4. Has anyone recently applied for a visitor visa while waiting for a visa outcome of another visa. Interested on people that have done this. My husband essentially is eligible for a visitor visa based on being immediate family if we apply for exemption but we have a partner visa in progress for 20 months at the moment. Thank you in advance.
  5. Hello all we are finally at the stage of shipping some of our household to Australia... I say some as we won't be shipping any white goods no mattresses no lounge or recliners some basic bedroom items and a variety of boxes and other equipment my husband wishes to take with him. I wonder has anyone had some recent experience on shipping and current costs I realise they are there times what they once were. We are deciding on one large move cube or a company that part shares a container. Any and all information please and approx costs. Thanks in advance
  6. Awe thanks for that well we are just waiting to hear a final result ours is very frustrating and into the 19th month but expected... Hope your progress is faster xxx good luck
  7. No problems we had same issue ours timed our after being Lodged a year and had to renew but thankfully only needed UK one. Medical however I would def wait for the request as this is fairly fast to book in but super expensive approx 300 pounds plus and you don't want to repaying for that!
  8. Personally I'd go ahead and get it done but check your timings if you pre do it and these police checks only last a year you might be re requested to redo this again before the visa is decided. Waiting for a request has two issues one is the American side might go slow but on the other hand with the time blow out of 22 months for 75 percent of people to be processed and much longer for 90.percent.. There have been cases where people have got theirs in a matter of a few months. So in short depends on if your prepared to pay twice if it takes a while.
  9. Elayna

    best method for booking flights to Australia

    Don't know what cats are like but dogs at the Melbourne quarantine have at least 5 months wait to book in at the moment. Worth checking their direct site for how much time you will need to book in advance.
  10. Elayna

    Migration agent

    Thank you for replying to this Paul sorry for long delay thanking you been crazy times this way.. Seems our migration agent has notified us of a medical note about "Health assessed – wait for further advice from the department".which I suspect will be asking for us to complete a health waiver so I guess it sort of answered my concern! Thanks for your input as it helped me understand the process a little more much appreciated.
  11. Elayna

    Migration agent

    Hi there quick question has anyone used migration agent and how much access did you get to immi. I am curious as ours have not mentioned access even just to see progress. Thanks in advance xx
  12. Elayna

    Are we coming out of isolation too soon?

    I decided to read back through this thread and at first this part caught my attention - It is exactly what I tell my parents all the time about reporting of Australia in the UK oh and ill add one more update for 2020 - it was also the first we saw on the great big TP arguments as well
  13. Elayna

    Parcel sent during coronavirus

    I sent a Birthday card end of March for arrival 10th of April it finally turned up 1st May - so yeah huge delays !!
  14. We had the fortune of using our marriage date as the date suggested by our agent - but other who are defacto I would assume its the date they moved in together to make the committed relationship. Hope that helps
  15. Elayna

    Specialist medical reports

    Hey Kanga - we are still in the process and will inform you if we get further along - He is on meds yes at least 4 regarding his illness and he now goes for infusions every 6 - 8 months that are the world of difference - we looked up the cost of all these through the medical site http://www.pbs.gov.au/info/about-the-pbs to help us work out what the costing would be - there are different factors with the visa you will go for - they judge it on three different stages and two of them depend on if the visa is temporary and or permanent. One is judged over five years of the medical needs you have and then one can be judge on 10 yrs of the cost - that is the one they are all mentioning here and I believe its approx $49 000 over the ten yrs. Of course you would have to factor the cost of doctors visits, specialist visits, blood work and other such things that would be needed for RA. We found it useful to check this all out and find out the cost to the patient if there was a gap after Medicare also if we took out private health would it make much difference. Thankfully my husband's prognosis is ok as he has no mobility issues and still works now - although he deals with pain daily he manages it on the medications he now takes. I hope this info might help with thinking about your costs and so forth when you're talking to the agent working with your case. Let me know if you need more info and i will try to keep checking back as we progress through our application too I am hoping to find someone that has done the appeal or the Health Waiver as I suspect we might have to get. Best of luck