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  1. Denson

    has anyone used Migrate Australia

    Hi Guys, Has anyone got AMVS Legal 's services before? Thanks, Denson
  2. Denson

    190 Visa - Victoria

    Hi Guys, I have a current EOI for Visa 190 for Victoria. My points as of November last year, is already at 80. Is my chance of being invited still really low? I started my EOI at 75 points but didn't an invite after a year.
  3. Denson

    190 Visa - Victoria

    I’ll just ask my agent what else we can do. I already have a superior english score. So, I’m not sure what’s next. Thanks for all the replies guys. I just hope I get positive news soon. By the way, how invites are there before the “actual” invite to lodge the PR?
  4. Hi, I've been renting in Melbourne CBD for more than a year now. I had a number of requests with my agent about a broken tv, vacuum and leaking windows, which are all part of the property. 99% of the time, the agent takes a very long time to respond to my emails or txt messages. Sometimes I don't even get a response. My question is, is there anything I can do about the delayed responses? Or I just have to look for another place?
  5. Denson

    Property Manager delayed response - Melbourne

    Yes, all my requests are in email and documented. I'll give them end of this week. After that I tell them that I'll write a formal complaint. Thanks @Marisawright
  6. Denson

    Property Manager delayed response - Melbourne

    Yeah, I asked that already but their reply, again, was that my request was already forwarded. I'll chase them again. It's just stressful. 3 windows are leaking. @Marisawright, I'm renting an apartment which is fully furnished, appliances are were already there and was included in the documents that I signed.
  7. Denson

    Property Manager delayed response - Melbourne

    Can I still can still write to Consumer Affairs, 14 days after the landlord or agent said that they have forwarded my request to a 3rd party service provider? Thanks for your reply.
  8. PTE is the way. It only takes a few hours and you don't have to waste time and wait for others to finish. You just come in sit, take the test and you get your results in 5 days or less. Got straight 80's with 1 month of practice. PTE over IELTS. But if you're not used to a noisy environment, PTE isn't for you.
  9. Denson

    190 Visa - Victoria

    Yeah that's what I thought. All I can do is really wait then. Thanks mate!
  10. Denson

    190 Visa - Victoria

    Hi Ausvisitor, I have a superior score in PTE, 80+. My agent told I'm at 80pts for visa 190. This still isn't enough? I've been waiting for an invite for over a year.
  11. Denson

    190 Visa - Victoria

    Hi, Thanks for the reply. Job code:261313