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  1. DOMR09

    186 trt nomination

    Hi everyone, I see on the home affairs website that the current timescale for 186 trt is now at 4-7 months. I applied back In January, completed medicals and criminal record checks shortly after. Now this is the sh*t that confuses me, does this mean I should get an answer soon? As I'm into the 4th coming on 5th month, or are those timescales from today onwards.. So im likely to hear in the next coming 4-7 months? Does anyone else have trouble with this, doesn't seem very clear. Cheers
  2. DOMR09

    186 trt

    Hey guys, Just wondered in regards to the 186 trt.. Not sure if anyone could help me on this. However.. Because the trt is transitioning from the previous 457 visa after completing two years, does the immi department look at the documents submitted on the 457 visa as well as the new application on the 186 to make sure it adds up. Just saying this because I went onto my immi account and I came across my previous 457 visa and for one of my job dates on one of the forms it shows I had on there I worked with them for 4 years however on the new application it says 3, and it was 3.. I just got a bit muddled up that's all. Would this cause any controversy? Would little things like that be likely to cause an impact. Thanks
  3. DOMR09

    186 trt nomination

    Hi everyone, Applied for my 186 trt not long ago, working in landscaping.. I was on the grandfathering agreement (lodged before April 2017). We went through an agent, but Im just intrigued to hear what other people think in regards to the nomination, I am the highest paid employee in the business and also the only full - time worker. The other people we have are just casual labourers, and my boss has made it clear in a cover letter that the business will be in a crisis if I can't stay. Obviously I'm aware there's more to the nomination than that, but do you think what I said above could work in an advantage? Cheers all, good luck
  4. DOMR09

    186 trt nomination

    Was less than a week ago Lol so won't hear for a while
  5. DOMR09

    186 trt nomination

    Landscaping, What do you mean by timeline?
  6. DOMR09

    186 trt nomination

    That's fair enough. Cheers mate