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  1. Thank you. I’ve thought about pretty much all those things too lol mom happy for family to view property for me, but I’m beginning to think it might be more effort than it’s worth, but we have plenty of time to explore it properly. hubby is graduating next year as an Electronical engineer, and he’s already exploring employment websites and his degree is highly sort after in both the CBD and mining industry, so I’m not worried about him getting work pretty quickly. I’m a software developer and there’s definitely CBD opportunities for me as well, but depending on hubby’s income as to wether I look at employment for myself or not. I will jump on the careers thread a bit closer to the time of leaving to get advice on applying for work while living here for the last few months when he will have his visa so can apply for jobs. my biggest issue with renting first is uprooting the kids once we buy, finding a school in the rented area and then if we buy out of that suburb the kids will need to move school again, which I don’t want too, plus paying rent will eat up savings we are getting together for house deposit.
  2. Thanks. we have considered that as well, we just thought getting a place ahead of the move would work better for us. We wouldn’t apply for a mortgage without offers of employment from Australia and once hubby’s visa has come through, but I don’t know how possible it is. we aren’t moving until 2022, as it’s approximately an 18 month wait on visas and we have just started the process, so I’m not sure the housing market will be in the same place by then.
  3. I was wondering if anyone has any experience with buying a property ahead of moving to Australia? I am an Australian cit living in the uk, and we are currently going through the visa process for my husband so we can move back to my home town in WA with the kids. we know the town and suburb we want to live in, as it’s where I lived previously, and have my family there as well. we would like to purchase a property a few months ahead of moving so we have a place to move to help the children settle and get them in the local schools etc with as little disruption as possible. my questions are, would we apply for the mortgage through a uk bank or an Australian one? And how do they offer out mortgages regarding employment? As if we go through the uk bank they will do it against our current employment here, but surely they’ll have questions as to how the mortgage will be paid if we don’t have jobs lined up in oz? or if we go through an oz bank will they need offers of employment from oz jobs or do they use it against our uk ones? ideally we would prefer to have offers of employment for either both or one of us before leaving but I’m not sure how that’s considered in the mortgage world. This seems like the only thing I can’t quite figure out, everything else with the move is falling into place nicely so far.
  4. I’m Australian and living in the UK with my British husband and children. We currently have very specialised professions in software and engineering within UKs National Air traffic Service, and would like to explore job opportunities within Airservices Australia, and I was wondering if anyone knows if job sponsorship is something that ASA offers ? hubby can get a partner visa so that’s not a problem, I’m just more concerned that with our careers being very Air Traffic specific, that we might struggle finding relatable jobs in other companies. does anyone have experience with ASA ??
  5. Hethv

    Where to start ?

    Thanks for the replies, I think realistically we are giving ourselves a 4 year timeline on moving. This allows for saving as much money as we can so we have diffident funds to factor in - renting deposits, mortgage deposits, only 1 of us getting a job initially, flights etc on top of all the usual visas. we don’t plan to ship anything from the uk, as we have never really invested in much over here because we never quite knew if we were going to stay. So we are happy to just come over with our personal belongings. My mum lives In WA, so we are discussing with her the possibility of her helping sort us a rental so it’s already waiting for us to arrive. We were hoping to apply for jobs here in the uk, as we currently have great jobs, and it’s incredibly nerve wracking to leave those without something lined up. I’m already a UK cit, and we plan to have dual cit for all 3 of the kids, so they have the luxury of travel later. Is there anything I’ve missed that is important to consider?
  6. Hethv

    Where to start ?

    I am an Australian living in the uk. I’ve been here 11 years and my husband and I have started playing with the idea of moving back to oz. I’m from WA but we would be looking at the east coast, as we both work in Air Traffic and I know Airservices Australia is over in Brisbane. Ideally we would like to stay in our same fields of employment as they are very specialised. what I’d like to know is, where do you start ? What are all the things we need to consider and how much is a move likely to cost ? we have 3 kids and rent atm, and will be looking at moving in 4 years, so we can save enough money to move straight into a bought property. can anyone help guide me on what the first few things we need to do (other than hubby’s visa) so we can start putting a plan together to decide wether it’s the best option for our family. all advice is welcome