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  1. I have got a query on changing state on 190 visa.We ( family of 4 - I as Primary applicant, my wife and 2 children as secondary applicant ) have got our 190 visa issued in Nov 2016 from SA ( with visa conditions as NIL) and we applied the visa from Japan and got it issued while we were in Japan and all of us are still in Japan and not yet relocated. One of the conditions of 190 visa is that applicants need to live in the state for the first 2 years. Recently my son have been granted a place in a top Secondary school in Sydney - NSW as he passed an entrance examination.He is supposed to join there from March 2020. I don’t want my son to miss this opportunity and one of the enrollment conditions is that School need to have an NSW address of parents of children. SA does not seem to be have top grade secondary schools as compared to NSW. So my wife and my children are planning to relocate to Sydney in March 2020. Though I will remain in Japan here.I would like to know about following : 1) As my wife and my children will not be fulfilling their 2 year moral obligation to stay in SA. What procedure do they need to follow to get the release letter from SA 2) What email address of SA immigration need to send email for my above situation. 3) Has anybody faced situation like this and provided a release letter ?
  2. I am talking about selective schools only in NSW. SA does not selective schools. When we received PR way back in 2016 my son was in Primary school and we thought of putting him in Primary school in SA. But the situation has changed over the years and he is now eligible for Secondary Schools and NSW seems to be offering better choices for Secondary schools.check this web page which lists Australia’s top secondary schools and you can check how many of them figure out from NSW, Victoria and SA.
  3. Dear Paulhand, thanks for your reply. Yes , have gone through the thread. As far as attempts to settle down in SA is concerned. We visited SA in Dec 2017 and lived there for few days.I agree it was not for months. My whole family have got Medicare cards issued by Centrelink Adelaide. Me and my wife has Bank accounts and ATM cards with bank balance and bank statements with SA address. Me and my wife also has the Proof of age cards issued by Service SA. We have TFN as well. But we returned back to Japan as I was not able to secure any job there. I applied for many jobs while being in Japan afterwards but got no replies. cheers,