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  1. Ws2909

    moving to the UK - Place to live

    Really!! Ok will check out. Thanks
  2. Ws2909

    Moving to uk - bank

    OK, Awesome thanks for the heads up! Will steer clear of them
  3. Ws2909

    Moving to the uk - where to live

    Ok, I will take a look. Thank you very much!
  4. Ws2909

    Moving to the uk - where to live

    Thanks for your reply. It was very helpful. Manchester was at the top of my list, but good to have some other options. And yeah, hoping to organise something similar to your living situation as well. Fingers crossed it all works
  5. Ws2909

    Moving to the uk - job

    honestly, I'm not too worried at the moment just wanting somewhere that is reasonably priced and somewhat central or good transport in terms of getting to work. i was thinking somewhere like manchester... maybe hove. Maybe London if i find a reasonable place
  6. Anyone know any good websites to find places to live (already know rightmove)?
  7. Ws2909

    Moving to uk - bank

    Ok perfect! I will just wait until I arrive and find a place. thanks for the tips!
  8. Ws2909

    Moving to the uk - job

    I have no plans to return and the reason for going was to stay. but obviously, if it's not for me then I will return or go somewhere else!
  9. Ws2909

    Moving to uk - residency

    Oh ok, I get what you mean! That could very well be it. yes, I have dual citizenship. Thanks for your help
  10. Ws2909

    Moving to uk - residency

    Awesome! thanks for your response. ok perfect, will definitely check out Britbound.
  11. Moving to the uk from aus ( have uk passport and citizenship) where would you reccomend living that isnt too expensive, has good transport. Would you recommend share house? Finding my own place and renting out rooms?
  12. Ws2909

    Moving to the uk - job

    Is there any job areas anyone would recommend going into if I'm young, from aus, no degree as of yet. Did anyone us an agency? Would you recommend? What areas are good for work
  13. Ws2909

    Moving to uk - bank

    Moving to uk from aus in march... what bank should I go with? Should I open before I leave? How long does it take? Do I need anything to open one?
  14. Ws2909

    Moving to uk - residency

    So I'm moving to uk in march and was trying to line up some jobs and someone mentioned that it will be really hard because you don have a residency. So then I was trying to figure out if I need on, if it is acctually hard to get job with out one and if I am eligible. I have live in the uk from birth till 5 (got citizenship and have uk passport. Parents had residency) moved to aus until now (18yrs old) If I need to get how long does it take and should I get asap or wait till I'm over in uk? Thanks