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  1. Natski1

    Moving to Adelaide Suburbs

    Hi cammy, Late reply as we’ve had so much going on! we are looking to be in Australia by mid June and I’ve looked at an area around Kensington? the schools look good and very close to shops etc, the only downfall is I’m not seeing many good schools close to the beach areas. I have only utilised a school graded map but have you any feedback or suggestions to this area or any other areas?
  2. Natski1

    Moving to Adelaide Suburbs

    Thanks Jessica How did you find the house search? I’ve heard it can be quite a daunting task as it’s all about auctions is that right?
  3. Natski1

    Moving to Adelaide Suburbs

    Thank you so much for the detailed reply here it’s very helpful! looking at schools has also been daunting with private/non-private/government led etc and the variation of costs. It seems everything is not as simple as I first thought! But I won’t be defeated! If you dont mind me asking How did you first move? Did you rent or Air-BnB etc?
  4. Natski1

    Adelaide Suburb Maps

    This is a fantastic tool to use! i am currently trying to figure it all out with a many notes and lists. Have you now settled in Adelaide?
  5. Natski1

    Moving to Adelaide Suburbs

    Many thanks for your reply, I am currently looking at Semaphore? It looks cheaper than some of the south side and more quieter than in the city side. Im struggling mainly with trying to understand the school system, costs and wrap-around childcare. Trying to look at the unknown and getting so many views is very daunting. So many options and it’s a needle in the haystack? How did you decide? Did you do a recy first or research before you went? thanks
  6. Natski1

    Moving to Adelaide Suburbs

    Hi I’m new to forums and I don’t have social media! my family and I have revived our state sponsorship and are in the process of selling our house. what advice does anyone have on areas to live in Adelaide? i have a 8 year old and 4 year old children. also any help on staying positive and keeping my inpatient devil at bay would also be greatly appreciated