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  1. vics1987

    Migration agent recommendation

    Hey Everyone Can anyone recommend an agent who has experience and knowledge in challenging/changing a decision regarding a visa? Many Thanks Vicki
  2. vics1987

    Help please! Where to start??

    @wrussellhi there, having read my thread do you feel you are able to offer any further advise or assistance on how best to move forward? Do you have a high success rate with refusals or applicants with past convictions? Many Thanks Vicki
  3. vics1987

    Help please! Where to start??

    @Marisawrightthank you that’s really helpful. I’m starting to see a direction to head in now. I know they are not accepting visitors yet but do you know if they are even looking at applications... as I was thinking to apply for his subclass 600 in October with a view it will take 12 months ish as it will be referred to vaccu again no doubt and last time it took 16months. we would like a visit first as he has not been yet been and although I have sold it to him I think he would like to visit first. We have a lot saved and we will be staying with family on the trip anyway so not too costly. Also another question... if I were to have 12 month rrv and in that time his visor had not been approved do I have to reapply or can I have it extended? Xx
  4. vics1987

    Help please! Where to start??

    Thank you both for replying. Do you think it’s worth applying for a visitor visa alongside this as we do wish to go for visit prior to the move? Also once the Rrv is granted do I have a time frame in which I need to enter Australia and do I have to stay a period of time to get this extended. I’m just wondering if we are going to have to spend time apart (me being in Australia and him in England whilst we try to sort out his visa) or is this something that can be done from this side first? Thanks again
  5. vics1987

    Help please! Where to start??

    Hi Everyone. I was wondering if anyone can offer any advice or guidance as I am feeling totally stuck at the moment and not sure where to begin. Myself, my partner and our 3 year old son are desperate to relocate to Australia to be with my family, My mother, sister, brother in-law and niece's whom are all permanent residents. I have previously lived in Australia and held a permanent resident visa, but after spending a period of time out of the country this visa is no more. I have been advise that I am able to apply for this again on the basis that I have family ties? My partner was refused a visitor visa a few years back due to past convictions, we lodged the application ourselves via the immi account, after we spoke with an agent who advised us to try again after some time has past as there would be a refusal mark on his file. We were thinking of applying again for a visitor visa and then If that is approved go out on holiday and then when we are back look at the next steps visa wise for relocating on a permanent basis? I have no idea if this is the best way forward or what to do for the best, ideally we wanted to be living in oz within the next few years and I know that the last visa we applied for him took 16 months to say no? We are willing to do whatever it takes to be with my family and so any helpful advise or pointers would be really appreciated? Thanks so much Vicki xx
  6. vics1987

    Migration agent

    Subclass 600. Refused as he didn’t pass character assessment.
  7. vics1987

    partners visa

    Hi All I have a permanent resident visa and am considering moving to aus but my partner has been declined a visa. can anyone provide details of an agent that can help with this? Thanks
  8. vics1987

    Migration agent

    Hi All Looking for information on migration agents that can help with a visa application that was originally declined. Thanks in advance.
  9. vics1987

    Visa application

    Hi Everyone I am new to this site and am looking for some help/advise. Is there a timescale where you can re-apply for a visitor visa after being refused.(I have heard 5 years?) A friend of mine was refused a visitor visa due to some silly mistakes he made around 4 and a half years ago. Can he re-apply when the 5 years have passed? Would love to hear from anyone who has any information on this or been in a similar situation. Thanks in advance