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  1. 5 hours ago, sammy11480 said:

    Hello Everyone

    I would really appreciate if anyone can advise me on whether my daughter is in the right year group. I know this sounds silly that I don't know, but I'm getting myself all confused. 😞

    We moved to Melbourne in January 2020 and my daughter turned 5 on 19th May 2020. We then started her in Prep starting January 2021. 

    She is now in Year 1 and just turned 7 in May 2022. 

    She is the oldest in her class and some in her class are still 5! Alarm bells are beginning to ring and I'm wondering if she should actually be in Year 2 by now?!

    I confess I find the ages and year groups so much more confusing than UK where you start school at 4 or 5 and then all children are the same age in each year group.

    Please advise if you can if a 7 year old in Year 1 is normal or I've gone wrong somewhere?

    In Uk she would be heading into year 3 in September! Such a huge difference to Year 1. I also can't believe she will be 12 and still at Primary school at this rate!

    Many thanks,



    In Victoria students transfer to secondary school at age 12.  They begin in Year 7 and can leave school after Year 10.  If they choose to stay on for VCE which is the equivalent of A levels, they do Year 11 and 12.

  2. 5 hours ago, FirstWorldProblems said:

    On Sunday I took part in the inaugral Swansea Ironman 70.3 triathlon.  After a swim in the harbour, you cycle out from Swansea, past Mumbles and take a tour of the Gower before returning to run along the beachfront.  When you finish more than 2 hours behind the winner (a certain Alistair Brownlee) you get time to take in the scenery during the ride and the run segments.

    It was glorious weather with blue skies and plenty of sun and I vividly recall thinking to myself "this must be why they named New South Wales as they did".  Not only are the beaches and scenery as good as any I've visited in my time in Sydney, they actually looked similar to my eye



    These pictures aren't my own as electronic devices are banned during the race but it looked very much this way on the weekend.....



    .....and there's been a lot of money spent on Swansea since I was last there 15 years ago - it's moving up in the world - I really enjoyed my weekend there, the whole place was buzzing all weekend and had a great atmosphere.  I am keen to go back for a more relaxing visit soon.



    Pretty sure I am in this shot.  I'm wearing a green swim cap 🙂


    May be an image of outdoors

    Is that you third from the left?😁

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  3. 11 hours ago, Parley said:

    Australia have 41 Gold, well ahead of England. So you should be disappointed.


    12 hours ago, Bulya said:

    With the the money thrown at Sport in England they should be way in front of everybody.  

    Why can’t we just celebrate everyone’s achievements?

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  4. 18 minutes ago, Bobj said:

    Watched the 3 marathons, which were excellent, however, the tv channel has some sort of “deal” with sponsors that made viewing somewhat less than good. Just love the endurance races where a medal of any colour and participation, is an honour. Only sorry I could notget to see the triathlons. Can’t be bothered with the pistol shoots.

    A lot of praise to the organisers for the quality of the various venues.

    Cheers, Bobj.

    The mixed triathlon was excellent.  I felt sorry for anyone competing between 5-8pm yesterday as the whole country was watching the Lionesses winning the European Cup!🏆⚽

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  5. There’s a lot of coverage on the BBC here and it was announced 3 million tickets have been sold .  All the athletes interviewed have said how great it’s been to participate in front of large noisy audiences again, such a difference from the Olympics. I also like the events you don’t see elsewhere, such as mixed relay swimming even if Australia beat England.

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  6. 6 hours ago, MARYROSE02 said:

    I was thinking more of "If I want to name a club from the 3rd or 4th division, I just have to think of a northern town - Bradford Park Ave, Rochdale, Stockport, Southport, Scunthorpe, Accrington Stanley, Workington, Darlington, Barrow,. etc, some of them out of the Football League now?

    As opposed to Plymouth, Bristol Rovers, Exeter, Leyton Orient, Crawley Town, Charlton….. and I think cotton mills were Lancashire rather than Yorkshire.

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  7. On 19/07/2022 at 00:56, Marisawright said:

    Strictly speaking, if you are a British citizen, you are supposed to enter the UK on a British passport. 

    In practice, if you just use your Australian passport and don't tell anyone you're British, no one will check.  You'll be allowed in for a holiday, like any other Australian.

    The problem arises if you arrive at the UK Border and tell someone that you're a British citizen, then they get all funny about it. 

    We’ve just had a visit from some Aussie friends, one of whom moved to Australia from the UK in his twenties.  He travelled on his Aussie passport, only to be challenged by the immigration officer and asked for his British passport!  He was held up for some time and told in no uncertain terms that he should have travelled on his British passport.

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  8. 1 hour ago, beketamun said:

    Just listening to UK R5 telling people how to open and close their windows because otherwise they might die in the heat. 

    Spain has recorded over 350 heat related deaths in a 5 day period.  The UK is not used to these soaring temperatures and for many it’s counterintuitive to close windows and curtains when it’s hot.

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  9. 8 hours ago, Tulip1 said:

    It’s more about how much your income is.  The banks don’t care whether it’s from a salary or a pension, they have to document affordability when offering lending.  If you only have a low pension, that’s the same as someone with a low paid part to job and they would equally be refused.  If you have a good pension then you would be treated the same as someone with a good salary.  Having money in the bank cannot be used as affordability.  You may spend it all the following week and then you have been given lending that you can’t afford.  Lots of very old people have credit cards with high limits because they have passed the affordability to have them.  Nothing to do with age or having just a pension. 

    Yes I know it’s basically about your income.  My point is that if your income is the basic pension from the UK government you are never going to qualify for a credit card, no matter how many hundreds of thousands you have in your bank account.

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  10. On 08/07/2022 at 12:40, Marisawright said:

    It is outlandish, I'm just saying it's the same in the UK so not exclusively an Australian thing.

    Yes you’re right.  I’ve had a Barclaycard for over 20 years but as soon as I hit 70 the spending limit was reduced to £250.  This is not brilliant but I get round it by paying it off every week.  Like Marisa I always pay the bill to avoid interest and use it for the cash back it gives.  I have applied for other cards but no one is interested in how much money you have in the bank.  If you have just a pension as income it’s an automatic refusal.

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  11. 7 hours ago, Ken said:

    Air filters are cheap. What's expensive is the air circulation system to make them work. No school I attended in the UK ever had climate control beyond opening or closing the window. I don't know if things have changed.

    Nothing has changed.  When it gets too hot the girls just wear shorter skirts😂

  12. 10 hours ago, beketamun said:

    Is it important for a press conference ?

    As much as anything is important at a press conference.  Aren’t they just an occasion for the player to say how well their opponent played and to thank their coach/mum/dad/neighbour for helping them achieve what they’ve achieved?


    1 hour ago, beketamun said:

    He must be winning tennis matches again ?

    Did you hear that plum-voiced plonker on the BBC complaining in the press conference that he'd arrived wearing a red cap and red trainers so had broken the rules and should expect a talking to from the organisers? WTF has it got to do with you?  If ever there was an example of prissy irrelevancy from the UK media that was it.  To his credit, Kyrgios just smiled and said "I don't care".

    Also Pat Cash, known as "The Bastard" complaining after some of the things he did and his attitude towards women during his own career. If there's a bloke who should keep his neck in it's Cash.

    Wimbledon has always had very strict rules on dress. A red cap and red trainers break the rules.  I don’t see how that’s an example of prissy irrelevancy.  I see it as an example of a player choosing to flaunt the rules.

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