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  1. I know we’re going off the original topic here but what has been written about wills is very interesting. Does that mean that if you were potentially subject to inheritance tax in the UK you could simply transfer some of your assets to Australia and bequeath them in an Australian will? Or if you simply keep the Australian will and don’t bother making a new one in the UK would you even be subject to inheritance tax?
  2. According to the solicitor who drew up our will here, a will made in a country in which you are no longer resident is not valid. We still have an Australian bank account with a reasonable amount in it but it simply forms part of our estate.
  3. Cup Final 1973

    Movie to area outside of Melbourne… from Canada

    We lived nearly 15 years in country Victoria and I never saw a red back or a snake - although my daughter did say I’m as blind as a bat! Our neighbour for the last 3 years was Canadian and we enjoyed celebrating July 1st with her. She didn’t find the weather as cold as in Winnipeg but said that in Canada the houses are built with triple glazing and really good insulation whereas her Australian home had window and door frames which didn’t fit snugly. Great when it was 42 degrees, not so good at minus 2!
  4. You’ll also need to remove yourself from the electoral roll so you’re not fined for not voting! If you’ve already made a will you’ll need to inform your solicitor to cancel it as it’s no longer valid once you move overseas.
  5. Cup Final 1973

    Is the UK’s weather massively underrated?

    We’ve had no rain for weeks in South Yorkshire. Overnight temperatures often down to zero so we have frost sparkling on the grass each morning but my memories of dark dismal winter days are not true. I’ve been very surprised by how much blue sky and sun we’ve had throughout January. Yes it’s cold, 9 degrees today …. 🥶 but my North-East genes are kicking in again!
  6. Cup Final 1973

    Anyone done IELTS recently?

    ….Utilized heightened English language competency exams?? What does that mean? utilized standardized organizations…..not English, American
  7. Cup Final 1973

    Netflix & Stan

    Can thoroughly recommend The Tourist.
  8. Cup Final 1973

    Shipping Advice

    You can certainly start looking at different companies but it may be too early to get firm quotes if you’re 6 months away. We moved back in April 2021, although the container was picked up in March and we started the quotes in January. I’m sure the shipping situation has eased somewhat from last year but our container took exactly 8 months to arrive. If I were to do the move again I would certainly review what we brought back and be more ruthless. We used Palmers and I would not recommend them - once the money was paid they weren’t interested in helping. Do ask which British firm will be delivering and find out as much as possible about the shipping. Our container was moved by three ships in total spending weeks on the quayside in between ships. Once arrived in London it took a further 5 weeks before the English side delivered to Yorkshire.
  9. Cup Final 1973


    I’ve always travelled using my 2 passports like Marisa. I assumed they were linked on the computer system the immigration agent uses.
  10. Cup Final 1973

    We made it to Perth!

    Vera is set in Northumberland not Yorkshire Parley. Even further north Bulya!
  11. Cup Final 1973

    We made it to Perth!

    You moved to Yorkshire?
  12. Cup Final 1973

    Australian and UK Covid Responses

    Is the UK the only country to test for Covid for free? I’ve just read online about price gouging in Australia with LFT doubling in price. My friend in France texted me to say LFT were €5 each after being free until October last year. PCR tests are between €25-45 but free if you are a close contact. Surely it’s counter productive to charge and must distort the figures?
  13. Cup Final 1973

    Australian and UK Covid Responses

    Unusual to find GPs prescribing aspirin or paracetamol…..
  14. Cup Final 1973

    Post a random picture of your day

    OH put shorts on for our daily walk - 15 degrees in Yorkshire on December 30th! Unheard of
  15. Cup Final 1973

    Post a random picture of your day

    Boxing Day tradition - although no actual hunting.
  16. Cup Final 1973

    Things I’d forgotten about the UK...

    Christmas carols on the market place....merry Christmas everyone VID_20211224_163920.mp4
  17. Almost 15 years in Australia and I’ve been back in England one week. In no particular order these things have jumped out at me: post delivery twice a day as well as on a Saturday with online shopping delivered same day milk in glass bottles delivered by a local milkman central heating radiators - I know we shouldn’t need them in May but we’re in Yorkshire ! I never got used to heating vents in the ceiling in Victoria. Match of the Day on a Saturday evening with Gary Lineker real Weetabix cheap everything - mobile pay as you go a third of what I paid in Australia, vitamin tablets half price, free bus pass for seniors that can be used all over England I’m still self isolating so I expect there’s more to come!
  18. Cup Final 1973

    What Are You Listening to Right Now?

    Classic FM in the UK, the most beautiful Christmas music.
  19. Cup Final 1973

    I know no one will care but...........

    Long lost episode of Morecombe and Wise from 1970 discovered and will be shown on Christmas Day. Can’t wait!!!
  20. Well said! I do find some posters have obviously never returned to the UK in years, or even decades and their descriptions of lifestyle here is unrecognisable.
  21. Cup Final 1973

    Wise - Transferring funds UK to Aus

    I used Send to transfer all our funds in April and was impressed with the speed of transfer and the rate offered.
  22. Cup Final 1973

    I know no one will care but...........

    My Christmas card from Australia arrived here on the 14th…took 10 days. Last year one of my English cards arrived in Oz midway through February
  23. Cup Final 1973

    Australian and UK Covid Responses

    Very moving interview on the BBC news tonight with an ICU nurse in London who pointed out that out of the 11 patients in ICU, 9 are unvaccinated. She said the staff are finding it difficult to be sympathetic towards those patients.
  24. Cup Final 1973

    Post a random picture of your day

    December 15th and the gorse is out. Beautiful day today.
  25. Cup Final 1973

    I know no one will care but...........

    Lavazza capsules are 20p each from Amazon.