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  1. Cup Final 1973

    Ping Pongers

    We arrived back in May and have been very impressed by how quickly our needs have been met on the NHS, including an endoscopy for my husband which had been postponed 3 times in Melbourne and hearing aids for myself.
  2. Cup Final 1973

    Things I’d forgotten about the UK...

    That’s a bit rich coming from Australia!
  3. Cup Final 1973

    Things I’d forgotten about the UK...

    Bonfire night!!!
  4. Cup Final 1973

    Decided NOT to retire in UK

    Plus free NHS hearing aids - had mine fitted today and they are so neat. Also went to make a will on Monday and learnt that inheritance tax on a couple only kicks in when you reach £1 million of assets. That’s a lot more generous than I thought.
  5. Cup Final 1973

    I know no one will care but...........

    My husband stopped drinking alcohol 18 months ago. He has been very surprised at the variety and quality of non alcoholic beer available in England, both in the supermarket and in pubs, with some pubs even having it on tap. According to him the taste is excellent.
  6. Cup Final 1973

    Britain v France Fishing War

    I don’t agree with the last part of your translation. After negotiable the French reads “ and there is more harm / damage in leaving the Union than in remaining.”
  7. Cup Final 1973

    Container delays - charged more by shipping company

    Just an update on our removal saga from Victoria to Yorkshire, which started on March 15th. The container arrived in London on September 16th and was moved to PSS’s warehouse on October 5th after I’d paid the demurrage charges. Since then, nothing. We are still waiting for our goods to be delivered to Yorkshire and the earliest possible date is the week beginning November 8th. That hasn’t been confirmed but it doesn’t appear to be a shortage of lorry drivers rather waiting to find something for the return journey to London. Meanwhile, we continue to camp in our new house. The Australian side of our removal, Palmers, have been absolutely useless, not even replying to emails. If you are returning to the UK make sure you ask about shipping routes (ours involved 3 ships and took over 12 weeks for the actual shipping), who the English partners are and ask for guarantees about delivery.
  8. Cup Final 1973

    Creating a Gov.UK account

    I’m assuming you’re talking about your pension estimate Blue Flu but it seems incredibly generous if you have only 16 years NI contributions.
  9. Cup Final 1973

    Creating a Gov.UK account

    Are you old enough to turn your super into a self-managed super fund? You can then transfer the money into your bank account. As it’s not an income it’s not taxed.
  10. Cup Final 1973

    Living in New Zealand

    We went to NZ for a short visit a few years ago and landed in Christchurch about 5am. The rental car wasn’t available until 8am so spent a couple of hours dozing in the airport. I thought it strange that passengers were being asked to go to the chicken counter….but assumed that because it was very early morning the KFC staff doubled as airline staff.
  11. Cup Final 1973

    Returning to the UK

    I just assumed it was one of those taxes which had always applied but I wasn’t aware of it until it applied to me! However, I googled it and it only started on April 1 2021 . Apparently foreign buyers are the source of inflated house prices so the government thought a tax of an additional 2% would put some off. Thankfully it is refundable once we’ve been here 6 months.
  12. Cup Final 1973

    Returning to UK with grade 8 student

    Her accent may even be an asset if the kids watch Neighbours and Home and Away!
  13. Cup Final 1973

    Returning to the UK

    We bought our house in the UK in June having returned from Oz at the beginning of May. We had to pay a surcharge of 2% because we were classed as non residents and will be able to claim it back once we’ve lived here for 6 months. I wonder if there’s something similar for taking out equity.
  14. Cup Final 1973

    Australian and UK Covid Responses

    My daughter’s a vet nurse and apparently they need to be vaccinated.
  15. Cup Final 1973

    Australian and UK Covid Responses

    Although UK « Covid » deaths published daily appear very high compared to other European countries, it’s not clear that all countries count Covid deaths in the same way. It is always stated in the UK figures that the deaths have occurred within 28 days of a Covid diagnosis. However, this may include people killed in a car accident, a cancer patient, someone in their nineties with organ failure …..they tested positive for Covid but did not necessarily die from it.
  16. Cup Final 1973

    Australian and UK Covid Responses

    « Superior »??
  17. Cup Final 1973

    Returning to the UK

    I think too much is made of the UK « pub culture » as though that’s all young people do. Of course they go to the pub, but they also play sport, watch sport, go to the cinema, play music, listen to music, cycle, run……
  18. Cup Final 1973

    Uk state pension forecast

    I suppose you should also factor in that OAPs in the UK pay nothing at all for any medication and also get free bus travel throughout the country.
  19. Cup Final 1973

    Container delays - charged more by shipping company

    Absolutely right Marisa. Our belongings were packed up on March 15th but the shipping journey didn’t start until June 20th.
  20. Cup Final 1973

    Container delays - charged more by shipping company

    In addition to anything quoted be prepared for demurrage charges - containers are having to wait at ports and this charge is passed on to the client. I’ve just paid £109 for our container and we were extremely lucky as we were one of 16 clients in the container. If it had been sole occupancy we would have had to pay the whole amount.
  21. Cup Final 1973

    Is it worth Shipping a BBQ to UK

    Don’t believe what you read….
  22. Cup Final 1973

    How much do you need to retire in Australia in 2021?

    Every time I buy something I get a text from one of my daughters telling me to stop spending the inheritance
  23. Cup Final 1973

    Things you miss about Oz?

    22/09/2021 at 03:02, Wanderer Returns said: Getting back on track, one of the things I would miss about Oz (if I wasn't here already) is the general optimism that pervades Australian society. It's the complete opposite to Britain i think that must depend on where you are in the UK. We’ve moved back to Yorkshire and have found everyone very welcoming. Bus drivers always smile round here!
  24. Cup Final 1973

    Australia v China

    A bit of light relief…
  25. Cup Final 1973

    What TV set do you have?

    I always choose the original language and then use subtitles