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    What TV set do you have?

    Now you have the TV I would recommend « Criminal » on Netflix. I’ve watched the United Kingdom version then discovered there are German French and Spanish editions, all following the same format but completely different stories. The first French episode is based on the terrorist attack on the Bataclan.
  2. Cup Final 1973

    I know no one will care but...........

    Our container arrived in London today six months to the day since it was packed in Victoria! Still has to go through customs and then find a delivery lorry ….but it’s on dry land!
  3. Cup Final 1973


    We moved back in May and bought a house and car at the end of June. We had no problem insuring house and contents without any proof of prior no claims but the car insurance was more problematic. When you apply on the Internet the forms don’t allow you to explain your situation and we were quoted exorbitant rates. A poster on PIO recommended NFU (National Farmers Union) and we contacted them by phone. They accepted our Australian no claims and were very competitive.
  4. Cup Final 1973

    Australian and UK Covid Responses

    I am curious to know how some posters are able to state that a certain number of Covid deaths are from unvaccinated people here in the UK. I recently sent an email to the local BBC news programme asking why, when Covid death figures in the region are given, there are no details on who if any were vaccinated. This was the response: Thank you for your email. We regularly ask our hospital trusts for this information but each time they refuse to give it out – explaining that in their view it breaches patient confidentiality As this information is not required by the government to be published , the hospital trusts do not have to make it public. Therefore we are unable to obtain this information and share it with the audience. Kind regards Caroline Le Beau Caroline Le Beau Assistant Editor BBC Look North East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire Mobile: 07590 306666 Twitter: @carolinelebeau
  5. Cup Final 1973

    Australian and UK Covid Responses

    Just to remind everyone that despite some very forthright views expressed on both sides there will always be much more that unites us than divides us.
  6. Cup Final 1973

    Netflix & Stan

    Just finished watching Click Bait - very clever.
  7. Cup Final 1973

    Shipping Company recommendation London -Melbourne

    Why did you have to pay $700 in addition to the English cost SusieRoo?
  8. Cup Final 1973

    The truth on Perth?!

    Having taught in both countries, I second what Marisa posted.
  9. This might influence your decision….especially if you want to go to the Rhondda which seems to have relocated to Sussex
  10. Cup Final 1973

    Transferring money AU-UK after leaving.

    Hi Gerry, just another thought. We moved back to the UK in May and I updated our details with Bank of Melbourne but they won’t accept my UK mobile on the account. Perhaps you should check that Commbank will. I use BPAY and have included SENDFX in my recipients so don’t need a code but if ever there’s a problem I have a phone number in Melbourne to ring.
  11. Cup Final 1973

    Things I’d forgotten about the UK...

    I’ve been on BBCgoodfood.com and made a list of which recipes I’m going to try : blackberry and coconut squares, spiced apple and blackberry hand pies, blackberry and apple loaf…..
  12. Cup Final 1973

    Things I’d forgotten about the UK...

    I’d forgotten blackberry picking!
  13. Cup Final 1973

    Money matters

    We moved back to the UK at the beginning of May and were able to get almost 56p for most of our money. I’ve left quite a bit in our Australian account hoping the rate will improve. I used Send and was very impressed with the service. I had to open an account and send evidence of where the funds had come from but there was no commission and the money was always deposited into our English bank account the same day. We had kept our UK HSBC bank account with our Australian address for over 10 years which made life a lot easier. We’ve since opened two more accounts with different banks and had to jump through hoops to do so. As Marisa said you need evidence of a UK address which is not easy when you have no household bills. You can apply for a UK driving licence online by submitting your Australian one and paying a fee and that will give you one proof of address. Banks are often very particular as to what evidence they will accept - for example car insurance with the AA in my husband’s name was refused. So be prepared for an extended period where you’ll be reliant on your Australian bank. Credit cards are also very difficult to access if you have no credit history in the UK. I have a limit on one of £250!!! I am using it every day and paying it off every other day to establish what a fine upstanding person I am.. If you have evidence of no claims on house insurance and car insurance some UK insurance will accept them. Good luck. It is worth the hassle!
  14. Hi, just seen this thread. We moved in the other direction with our belongings packed up on March 15th as a part load in Melbourne. We were quoted 10 - 16 weeks. We arrived back in the UK on May 1st. Our container didn’t even leave Melbourne until June 21st and we have had several emails with estimated arrival dates. The last one gave August 30th as estimated arrival into London. Congested ports and lack of truck drivers have been given as reasons for the delay.
  15. Cup Final 1973

    Australian and UK Covid Responses

    Any evidence that fines are being paid?
  16. Cup Final 1973

    Thoughts on Bournemouth Move From Perth

    Are you absolutely set on the south coast? Prices are much more affordable elsewhere - Norfolk, Suffolk, Yorkshire….
  17. Cup Final 1973

    Your one word that separates the UK from Australia

    In England remarks would often be prefaced by Listen… and we noticed the Australian version was Look when we migrated 15 years ago. Now we’re back in the UK I haven’t heard the Listen…
  18. Cup Final 1973

    Moving back to the UK!

    It’s a good idea to get evidence of no claims on your car insurance as some insurers will take it into account. We had some exorbitant quotes after 15 years away and no credit history. AliQ advised me to contact NFU and they were happy to accept our Australian no claims, saving us hundreds of pounds.
  19. Cup Final 1973

    RNLI donations increase 3000%

    Surely one way to differentiate is that those fleeing from France are not refugees. They have already reached a safe country but then choose to illegally enter the UK.
  20. Cup Final 1973

    Tokyo 2020 Olympics thread

    You forgot Northern Ireland. The team name is Great Britain and Northern Ireland.
  21. Cup Final 1973

    Tokyo 2020 Olympics thread

    …so sad the Australian inferiority complex ..
  22. Cup Final 1973

    Tokyo 2020 Olympics thread

    Very moving interview this morning from Matt Richards’ parents. He won gold as one of the 200m freestyle team. During lockdown Matt wasn’t able to train so his parents bought a 5 metre paddling pool and attached bungee cords to the garage wall which he wrapped round his waist and swam for hours. Very funny!
  23. Cup Final 1973

    Things I’d forgotten about the UK...

    Must correct something I posted after just one week back in England. There is just one postal delivery Monday to Saturday. I was confused by the steady stream of online deliveries plopping through my daughter’s letterbox at all hours
  24. Cup Final 1973

    Your one word that separates the UK from Australia

    Pasta, pergola, maroon, vitamin, data….
  25. Cup Final 1973

    Ping Pongers

    We’ve moved from Victoria to Yorkshire; our new address is RICHMOND Lane and the next street over is CARLTON Terrace. I reckon there must have been an Aussie influence in the naming.