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  1. Hello, I just wondered if anyone had applied for an extension on for their partner visa initial entry date and whether it had been successful or not? We are considering applying for one due to personal circumstances/coronavirus. We are also using a emigration lawyer.
  2. Summer 213

    Initial Entry Extension Partner Visa

    Thank you Paul. I didn’t realise it was that straight forward
  3. Summer 213

    Nervous Cat

    We are moving to Australia next year and I am in two minds about shipping our cat over too. He hates going in the crate, even for the two minute journey to the vets. I feel bad putting him through the process of shipping and quarantine. Has anyone had any experience of shipping their nervous cat over?
  4. Summer 213

    Nervous Cat

    Thank you all for the advice and I am glad that your cats were okay travelling. Kiwi (the cat) is my fur baby and he is big of part of the family. Whatever we decide is best for him won't be an easy decision.
  5. Summer 213

    Child Citizenship by Descent

    Hello, I need to apply for my daughter's Australian citizenship by descent (from the UK). Has anyone applied for citizenship recently and how long did the process take?
  6. Hi all, We had a request for further info as my partner's medical needed to be completed. We were putting it off as the processing time scales were increasing. Just wondering if anyone's visa was processed shortly after an RFI or if there is still a wait?
  7. Hello, I just wondered if anyone was able to recommend any suburbs in Brisbane or Sydney that are good for young families (our daughter is nearly 2). I have previously lived in the Northern beaches in Sydney but it can be quite pricey.
  8. Summer 213

    German Born, British Passport, grew-up in Australia

    I had to do a Resident Return Visa and from what I recall i wrote a statement. I explained why it had lapsed and included my strong Australian ties.
  9. Summer 213

    Partner Visa Onshore

    Hello, This is my first time posting in the forum and I am sure it will be the first of many. My partner and I are applying for an onshore partner visa, he is English and I am an Australia citizen. I know that there is a long wait for the partner visas to be processed but I just wondered about others experiences with the visa process.