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  1. Thank you. But not looking for more agents at this moment. Maybe in the future.
  2. My wife actually. She does farming - fruit picking. I have 10 months of my TR 485 left. I believe I have time to get a job offer in regional VIC (I'm staying in VIC now). However, just want to gauge my chances for 491, as there isn't any hint of min. invitation pts or specific criteria they are looking for (min. points, which part of regional VIC needs my skills the most etc.).
  3. Add him after you received your 485. You can do this via 485 subsequent entrant.
  4. Hi everyone, Long story short - I completed bachelor of business (Oct 2018) and graduate diploma (early childhood teacher, graduated in July 2019) in Melbourne. I am on my TR 485 that expires in Oct 2020. I have 70 pts now (Married) and waiting for skills assessment result as an early childhood teacher (applied since mid-sept 2019). I am working as an Early Childhood teacher since Sept 2018. What is my best option for PR? I have been to many consultants and paid a lot of consultation fees with different agents recommending different routes. I'm honestly stressed out with the process as the points seem to go higher everyday! I just wished someone can guide me through this long and tiring process... After much deliberation and elimination I'm thinking of the following: 1. Get a job offer as an early childhood teacher in regional Vic and try for 491. 2. Study a course in TAS or go for Masters to either get a 491 or 190 in TAS. Are these two options feasible? Which one has a higher chance? I am just worried my points are too low for 491 VIC. Thank you for your assistance in advance. Hopefully, we can solve each other issues as we are all on this together...thanks once again. p.s. I felt this was the best forum to post in, sorry if I posted this in the wrong forum,