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  1. Thank you Fanatic278 for the thorough response. So we landed in Melbourne two weeks ago and I wanted to share that the immigration officer did not mention or ask anything about health cover. In fact he didn't say a single word to us. Just looked at our passports, held it to compare with our faces, then stamped our passports. We registered for Medicare in the local service centre quite easily and it was a straightforward process. We got given the Medicare numbers straight away. Thank you for the BUPA recommendation. We have been looking at that exact cover.
  2. Can you elaborate what you meant? If I am only on Medicare, how would the above apply? Also one more question, since I've decided to just go with Medicare for now, is it likely that when I land the border control officer will ask for evidence of visa condition 8501? And if she does, can I answer that I will be applying for Medicare as a UK citizen? Thank you!
  3. Thank you that is very helpful. One follow up question, what documentation do we need to bring when we apply for Medicare? Is a British passport and visa approval documentation sufficient or do we need things like EHIC card? I have NHS number but not on any card/paper. Thank you.
  4. Yeah it doesn't make sense either especially because the Reciprocal Health Cover gives me zero additional benefit. The only benefit is to get MLS exemption. This is corroborated by this post from back in 2016:
  5. After some more research and chat with BUPA, it's clear that I need to buy 2 different covers to get MLS exemption: Private medical cover Reciprocal health cover - this is the necessary cover to get MLS exemption Anyway getting MLS exemption is a moot point now because BUPA's quote for Reciprocal health cover is around $2200 while the MLS is $1800. So I will pay the MLS instead. So now I'd like to understand what private medical cover is actually necessary for someone with Medicare. I know I want to get the "extras cover", which includes dental, optical, and also definitely Ambulance cover. But for the rest it's not clear to me whether I need any or not. For example is it easy enough to get GP appointment using Medicare like an NHS GP in the UK? My family is generally quite healthy. The only ongoing thing is asthma control for my daughter and wife. What's the best way to know if private medical cover is suitable or not? Any suggestion highly appreciated.
  6. kamb1ng

    189 for occupation code 111211

    I meant 189. I'd like to apply for permanent residency earlier vs waiting for 3 years for my employer to sponsor a 186.
  7. Thanks for all the replies. Sounds like Medicare enrollment has no downside so I will go ahead and do that. Collie and Verystormy disagreed on whether OVHC will exempt me from MLS or not. I also struggle with this because there is conflicting information out there. I want to get good private health insurance product but also want to make sure it gives me exemption from MLS. I found this information at: https://www.iselect.com.au/health-insurance/tax/medicare-levy-surcharge/ Is that the answer? I need a cover with total excess no higher than $1,000 for families? Thanks again.
  8. Hello, I'm moving to Melbourne next month from the UK and a bit confused about the rules regarding Medicare, private health insurance, and MLS exemption. I'm moving with my family on 482 TSS visa. I'm a UK citizen so can get Medicare. I will be earning above the MLS income threshold. Questions: I assume I should apply for Medicare the moment I land? Is there any downside of getting Medicare? Since I will be getting private health insurance anyway, what type of cover should I get to avoid having to pay MLS? Should I be getting a specific type of Overseas Visitors Health Cover? I'm worried that I could get an OVHC product that doesn't actually exempt me from MLS Many thanks in advance.
  9. Hello everyone. I am currently on TSS 482 medium term under occupation code 111211 (Corporate General Manager). I want to apply for 189 but realised 111211 is not an occupation code that's accepted for this visa. Am I supposed to choose a new occupation code that's accepted for 189? What have people done in the past? Many thanks.