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  1. summer1979

    Do Sixth form Chemistry teachers exist?

    Oh I'm not pushing him as such, it's a topic we've discussed loads over the years. He would be as keen as me if the correct job was available! He's got an autoimmune disorder which is hugely improved in warmer weather, so that's a pull. Honestly, I'm just fed up of working for the NHS, the grey skies, the appalling situation of our government and yearn for a better future for our children and us! I hoped we would both have transferable careers but it's not as straight forward is it? I have family in Sydney, and other close family live abroad and I just finally feel ready for a huge change!! (I'm 40) so time is of the essence!! X
  2. summer1979

    Biologic injections for PSA ?

    Hello In the midst of researching for a move down under. One huge quandary is that my oh has psioratic arthritis and is on a fortnightly biologic injection, which we understand is super costly to the NHS. Asking advice really on how you go about a) passing a medical with this condition B) is it possible to get such drugs in Australia without selling a kidney?!!! Many thanks in advance
  3. summer1979

    Do Sixth form Chemistry teachers exist?

    Thankyou MarisaWright for your very honest account of working in Oz. I'm so sorry you went through all that heartache with your husband. I too am Scottish born but have lived in Yorkshire since childhood with Scottish parents! Yes I take all your points on board - moving to Oz is something I've wanted for a long time, and as a nurse I saw no barriers. My oh on the other hand has done lots of research and was extremely hesitant after realising A level teaching did not exist in Oz. I agree, I don't think he would be happy at all if he didn't get a similar position. He point blank refuses to teach secondary school again!!! Lol He's In a management position currently as head of curriculum, and loves his job, so I know for a fact, working as your husband did, would make him very unhappy indeed. Hmmm
  4. summer1979

    Do Sixth form Chemistry teachers exist?

    Thankyou so much everyone for your messages. Lots to f research to do I think!! X
  5. Hello New member here!!! I have wanted to emigrate for years and I've finally convinced my OH to seriously consider taking the plunge! As a nurse I'm on the MLTSL, but my OH who teaches A level chemistry at a sixth form college doesn't seem to think he will find employment in Australia as his occupation doesn't seem to exist? Students in Oz seem to leave school in year 12 and go straight to university. Please can someone give us some hope that year 12/13 teachers do exist?? Thankyou!