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  1. Quick question; hypothetically would this plan work? if my parents withdrew from their offshore contributory parent visa subclass 143 immediately ( they are currently onshore and have 11 weeks remaining in there e600 ) and then applied again for the exact same visa but this time onshore, would they be eligible for a bridging visa c whilst the new onshore 143 was in the queue for processing ? Thank you wrussell and Alan for your previous comments
  2. Hi everyone, thanks for taking the time to reply,much appreciated. Just to clarify, he has a case officer and is progressing with the medical this week, which he will not pass for the offshore 143 contributory parent visa. He is currently in Australia with us, treatment covered by reciprocal health( Medicare) on a years tourist visa. However this tourist visa is due to expire in 12 weeks time and there will be no bridging visa available as it is an offshore application ( when they applied from the uk in feb 2015 the wait time was 24months, now much longer) . He has had a migration agent since the 2015 application was made. This agent is not a specialist medical cases lawyer however she is seeking advice from her colleagues now. Will keep you informed of any progress. Keeping my fingers tightly crossed
  3. Hi everyone, I’ll try and keep a long story short here. But it roughly goes. Visa Application in uk/ moved to Australia 7 months ago on tourist visa/ diagnosis of cancer/ likely refusal of visa My Parents applied for the contributory parent visa in feb 2015 in the UK, my sister and I, who are their only children,have both been living in au for 8 years as permanent residents. Mum and dad decided, after the announcement of their 4th grandchild’s arrival, that they would move to be with us from the UK our husbands and the children on a years tourist visa in April 2019 knowing that they would have to go offshore for the result. 3 months after their arrival in Australia my dad was diagnosed with stage 4 prostate cancer and has under gone one radiation treatment round and some hormone therapy here in Australia. Yesterday, after a 3 years and 10 months a case officer is assigned. And we have been told by our agent that if his doctor estimates that he will cost the Australian health service more than $49k over the next 5 years he will not be entitled to the grant of the visa. Initial correspondence from the doctors office are indicating that this price tag will be exceeded. Assurance of support, police checks are all sorted but now we are facing a huge problem. My parents were initially told 24 months processing time, it has been nearly 4 years I guess I’m just after some desperate advice and to see if anyone else has gone through the same or similar situation. Or to contact anyone that can give us some information on this particular situation It seems so unjust that my dad, who is only 64 years young my be refused this visa. my sister and I our partners and our children love my mum and dad dearly,they have sold their house in the uk and shipped everything to Australia. I’m just at a loss.....