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  1. @Prety many many congratulations happy for you. Were you working full time for the company since covid. What were the documents requested for nomination.
  2. @simar27 thank you so much for your help. so my working hours won’t affect my file. As long as I am working with the same employer and they support me is it right?
  3. Hi all, I have a quick question. Are you all working full time hours since covid. My hours has been changed after covid till now. I am bit concerned this might affect my file when it opens what are your thoughts guys? My employer always say as long as you are associated with business it does not matter. But I am bit concerned. Please share your thoughts kindly.
  4. Please add me to whattsapp kindly
  5. @simar27 no roster or payslips were asked? What documents were asked for hearing? Were you still working for same company same full time hours since AAT lodged: These answers are very impatient my case
  6. Please add me to the whattsapp group as well kindly
  7. Hi @simar27 thats such a great news and relief to you dear friend. can you please share some details what documents were asked for your visa. We’re your working hours affected after COVID?
  8. Many many congratulations Jay jay
  9. How long does it take for the visa refusal to come. As I applied for RCB, nomination and visa at the same time. My RCB get approved but unfortunately after 1 week the nomination got refused. My employer had already applied for the review. They applied for review on 31st of December 2019 and My MA also replied the case officer explaining how all allegations thay have used to refuse the nomination is not right at the same time. I haven''t heard anything from them after that. Do wee need to do anything to the invitation to comment letter from home office. if we do not reply that letter it means I am not withdrawing my visa application isn't it guys? I am bit worried now. My MA isn't picking up my phone. Last time I spoke to him he said he will give Me the update if anything come through.
  10. Hi GUYS, I have a quick question, does the employers have to pay the salary they have submitted during nomination apply or is it required after the nomination got approved? please advise kindly
  11. I have never been through this situation so I am concerned right now. I have been going through this forum, and getting quite hopeful knowing few people here have received positive response but I am still nervous about my situation.
  12. Members 115 305 posts Report post Posted 1 hour ago That’s very quick but unfortunate. What was the reason? My employer mentioned they have raised couple of questions in regards to the profitability of the company and the need of the position to the business.
  13. Hi Everyone, I also Lodged my 187 visa under Conference and Event Organiser on 12/11/2019, my RCB got approved on 9th December unfortunately my employer's nomination got refused on 13th of December. My employers ans MA both are shocked that this came so quick. Now my employers are going to go through AAT. I am really nervous :(