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    VFS Global Brisbane biometrics fee query

    Hi, it's my husband's appointment (I'm in the UK) and yes he does live in Brisbane where his appointment is. That's bizarre that they charge if you live in the same area!
  2. Hi, I'm going through the spouse visa process to bring my QLD resident husband to the UK. Everything has been done apart from his biometrics appointment. I went to select a time and date and it indicated it was a "free" appointment, however when I saved the booking it moved me onto another page and it's asking for $110. Is this normal as there was no mention of this extra cost prior to me selecting an appointment and I thought all of the paying for this (very expensive) visa was finished! If that's what I need to do I'll go ahead and pay of course but I was wondering if this is normal. People on other forums have suggested that there are free appointments available but you have to arrange them for much further ahead and have to pay for earlier appointments. Being here in the UK and this being my first foray into the world of visas/immigration I'm not familiar with how things are done at these centres and I can't find any information on the subject online. Thanks for any help.
  3. Serenjones

    UK Spouse Visa - NZ 444 subclass visa for Australia?

    Thanks! What date should I put given that it doesn't seem to have an expiry date per se?
  4. I've just joined the forum. I live in the UK but I'm married to a NZ citizen who lives in Australia and we're applying for a UK spouse visa for him. Just about to submit our application but am double checking it beforehand. I'm looking at one of the questions now and wondering if we've put the right thing. My husband is a NZ citizen with an electronic subclass 444 visa that kiwis get to live & work in Australia. We had answered as follows: Current status What permission do you have to be in Australia? A - I do not have a visa and I am not a permanent resident Give more information about your status in Australia. A - I am a New Zealand citizen and have a Special Subclass Visa 444 that entitles me to live and work in Australia. --- Is it ok to answer as above as if you select "temporary visa" instead (which the 444 is) it then asks for an expiry date and as far as I'm aware there is no expiry date for that visa as long as you live in Australia and are still a NZ citizen? Unless we were just to put before he is due to come to the UK on the spouse visa? So I'm not sure what we should put. "No visa" sounds as if he is there illegally although we had put the explanation about the 444 visa. We have also added some info on the "additional information" section explaining about his 444 visa, that it's an electronic visa so there's nothing in his passport etc. Thanks for any advice.