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    457 to TSS with with EOI submitted (Vic)

    Yeah thank you, that was my thought too. My current employer is able to sponsor and not until I've been there 3 years (Sept). I'm a bit wary cos they have been on and off with their funding for this, so by Sept they could have pulled it. I'm also not sure I have another 2 years working for them in me, I'm kind of done now. So independent all the way! As long as moving to TSS doesn't put me at any disadvantage, is the main thing.
  2. Hey So I'm currently in Vic on 457. I'm a psych nurse. I just last month submitted my EOI for Vic after being here 2.5 years. 80 points total, given my age, experience and superior English, +5 for state sponsored. I'm looking at changing employers, for a promotion to nurse unit manager. My 457 would be replaced with a TSS, two years. My new employer has suggested this could be an issue for my PR eligibility? My googling and research don't indicate this. I have emailed my new employer but they haven't got back to me yet and I'm racking my brains where this can change things. My 189/190 application is independent of my 457 or TSS, right?
  3. airam89

    nursing Pgdip EOI

    Hello! I am just submitting my EOI for 189/190. I already live and work in Vic on a 457 as a mental health nurse. I'm trying to input my qualifications, and I have a honours degree in psychology and PGDip in nursing. Frustratingly, there is no option for a PgDip! I can select qualification diploma or grad diploma or other, but it keeps stating my psychology undergrad as my highest qualification and I believe my postgrad is the higher. Any ideas what I should do? I searched the boards but no previous questions to answer this, as far as I can see. Technically it's masters level but it's not a completed masters degree so don't want to select that.
  4. airam89

    nominated vs independent (nurse)

    Hey, So I'm a psych nurse on a 457 in Vic at the moment. My employer will sponsor me for PR. However I'm pretty unhappy at work and would like to leave the organisation (I've been there two and a half years and been promoted twice,but lately not impressed with higher management and my working conditions). There are clearly a lot of options for a 457 sponsorship around Melbourne so finding new employment isn't too tricky it seems. My 457 expires August 2021. Do you think I have sufficient time to go PR alone before then? If I scrape superior English I should have 85 points for an application; if not, it'll be 75 I think. My age (30) experience (6 years) and relationship (single/no dependents) etc put me in a good spot. Or am I a fool who should stick out my bad employment to get the visa? I really don't want to be indebted to this company bit equally I don't want to blow my chance of PR if I'm unlikely to be invited to apply before my 457 goes. My research gives me mixed messages fow how long this stuff takes. I have my ANMAC, IELTS in January. Advice from more seasoned applicants very welcome!