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  1. jul2019

    Moving back : how to get rid of possessions ?

    Facebook buy and sell is the best place I've found to sell stuff you don't need. I always seem to get a good response when posting items. I pick and choose who I sell to though. Anyone who looks dodgy I delete. I think you know the type I'm talking about.
  2. jul2019

    190 - Criminal Record overseas

    I reckon you'll be fine. What you've done is nothing compared to what I've done in the UK (think tv news with helicopters). Sounds like a very minor thing to me.
  3. jul2019

    Can I refuse a medical?

    They might if I offer them $$$$
  4. jul2019

    Suggestions of items to bring from the UK?

    Don't bring what I brought it. Luckily customs officers didn't open my suitcase. I'd probably have been either jailed or sent back to the UK if they have found my "items" lol Cleaning stuff is more expensive here although it's cheaper at Aldi. 225 disinfectant wipes $10 Woolworths, $2.99 at Aldi. But generally they are more expensive here. Monster Munch are more expensive too, if you can find them.
  5. jul2019

    Can I refuse a medical?

    I have no medical conditions that would drain the system.
  6. jul2019

    Do you have a secret?

    Do you have a secret that you've kept for years?
  7. jul2019

    RIP Clive James

    Anyone remember his tv show in the 80's in the UK? He used to do a New Year's Eve show too.
  8. jul2019

    Australia and Climate Change

    The climate has been changing for millions of years. Goes in cycles. Nature causes climate change, not man.
  9. Thankfully I'm very fit. But how did my bro-in-law and sister get into Australia? They are morbidly obese so I assume they must have passed their medicals or their visas would have been refused. I doubt obesity can cause a visa refusal.
  10. jul2019

    Has anyone failed their medical

    I've never had a TB injection. I had one for whooping cough in 2012.
  11. jul2019

    Can I refuse a medical?

    Didn't know you could withdraw an application. What the Australian government want to know is if I'll be a drain on the system. They won't care if I refused a blood test etc. all they care about is the cost. And since I have good health I won't be a drain so why no chance it will be granted?
  12. jul2019

    Getting cheaper rent

    How on earth am I trolling? I have had 2 washes since I left the UK in mid July. Washing is bad for your skin, it removes all the natural oils which dries out your skin. I'm 49 and have no wrinkles....yet. Why? 1) I cover up in the sun 2) I don't wash very often. Makes a big difference. You should try it.
  13. jul2019

    This is ridiculous

    This is Australia. Back in the UK I lived in the north of England. Washing every 6 months is common there as it's cold. So yes once in 6 weeks here as it's considerably warmer. And I need to keep costs down but I had no idea gas would be so dear.
  14. jul2019

    This is ridiculous

    There was some kind of fee I think around $40 but even so it still seems very high considering I've used very little. It would still come to $88. I've been told some people shower once a day over here. The gas bills must run into the thousands each month.
  15. jul2019

    This is ridiculous

    I just got an email from Alinta energy asking me to pay my gas bill. It's for $126. Now in 6 weeks since I've been at the rental I've had ONE bath to save on gas. Other than that I've used hot water to wash a few clothes in a bucket a couple of times and to wash a few plates. So why is my bill so high? Could I have a gas leak which could explain the high bill? I did notice when I moved in there was a gas smell coming from outside.