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    491/489 Job Prospects

    Hi folks, I’m looking to relocate to NSW on a 491 visa. I was wondering if anyone has any experience finding jobs on a 489/491 regional skilled provisional visa? I ask because I currently hold a 476 Recognised Graduate visa valid for 18 months, but employers don’t want to know because it’s temporary. I’m worried that, since the 491 is technically ‘temporary’ (5 years and there is a clear and defined pathway to PR) I’ll be wasting $4k for the same results! For a bit of background, I’m a recent chemical engineering grad working in refining in the UK but hoping to move over to Aus and get into the water treatment business. I’ve been trying for 3 months now to get something on my 476 visa but it’s not looking likely! Does anyone have any experience that they can share? All the best, Kai
  2. KBeale

    491/489 Job Prospects

    Yep spot on that seems to be what the Home Affairs website says! It also appears that the nomination is made by the state and therefore you would be free to move between regional areas in that state in those 3 years. It seems like a very good option provided that the understanding is there on the side of the companies - I guess if I get a 491 granted maybe I’ll have to dedicate a paragraph of cover letter to work rights!
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    491/489 Job Prospects

    Thanks all for taking the time to respond! All very helpful Are there any other experiences that people can share?
  4. KBeale

    491/489 Job Prospects

    Thanks Marisa for your reply. Do you mind if I ask how you score in the points test? I’m going off the basis that I can obtain 85 points in the 491 skills test and my occupation is on the skills shortage list. I’m ideally looking to settle somewhere like Newcastle, which has just recently been added to the list of designated regional areas. Lots of water treatment there for the Hunter region but just a Little concerned that big companies won’t understand the pathway of the 491!