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  1. Peter Mclaughlin

    High Income Threshold for PR from a 482 query

    Hi All I wonder if someone can assist me in advising how the High Income Threshold amounts are calculated to allow for transition to apply for a186 visa Temporary Transition Scheme after working for the business for 3 years. In essence I am on 482 visa as a Construction Project Manager and noticed the FWHIT has increased to $158,500 for FY21/22. I am concerned that I maybe below this as I believe that car allowances, bonuses and Superannuation is not calculated in your total re-numeration. You need to be above this amount for each year of the 3 years you are employed with the same company (Sponsor) and I am half way through, meeting the criteria last year. I know someone out there will have the answer for me and thank you in advance - Basically, is your car benefit / phone allowance included or is it just your base salary? Thanks Pete
  2. Peter Mclaughlin

    Peter Mclaughlin

    Thank you so much
  3. Peter Mclaughlin

    Peter Mclaughlin

    Thank you for your advice, I am currently trying to get hold of an agent to discuss this matter. Hopefully, somebody on here can assist me in the meantime, fingers crossed.
  4. Peter Mclaughlin

    Peter Mclaughlin

    Hi Everyone Could anyone please advise the following, due to redundancy on a 482 Visa, i only have 60 days to find a new sponsor. The questions I have are as follows? 1. Do I need to have the new sponsor approved within the 60 days if not then, 2. What happens if the new sponsor is waiting for approval and it goes past the 60 days or, 3. If the new sponsor is agreed either in point 1 or point 2, do I have to start work immediately or can I start a month or so later? I would really appreciate any assistance on this. Thanks Pete
  5. Peter Mclaughlin

    Made redundant on 482

    My visa nominated occupation is a Construction Project Manager, I was employed as a client-side Project Director in Sydney CBD. So my visa is the medium to long term.
  6. Peter Mclaughlin

    Made redundant on 482

    Thank you Lambert - hopefully, I will find something quickly. I don't suppose if you know if the sponsor needs to be approved within the 60 days?
  7. Peter Mclaughlin

    Made redundant on 482

    Hi All i am currently on a 482 visa and have just been made redundent by my sponsor with immediate affect so will not be required to work my 4 weeks notice . I understand that I only have 60 days to find a new sponsor, can anyone please advise if the 60 days commences from the end of your notice period (in my case 4 weeks) or from the day your employment ceased? Thank you.