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    RRV Renewal Day Counts

    Hi all, I have a permanent resident friend who is currently studying in New Zealand and has been travelling between New Zealand and Australia for the past 5 years to fulfil his 2 years stay. Currently he is very close in fulfilling the 730 days stay (2 years), but he is not sure if the days he arrived and departed Australia counted as 1 or 2 days. For example, if he arrived Australia on 23rd September and departed on 25th September, does his stay counted as 2 days or 3 days? We can't seem to find any info from the immigration website. Thanks.
  2. Jinglebell

    RRV Renewal Day Counts

    Thanks Paul for your reply.
  3. Jinglebell

    RRV Renewal Day Counts

    Hi Paul, thanks for your reply. My friend has gotten his movement records, which only show the dates he departed and arrived Australia, but not the number of days he has been staying. He counted manually, which has a total of 726 days (<730 days) if both departing and arriving date considered as 1 day, and 738 days if considered as 2 days. As his permanent resident was expired few days ago, does this means he is ready to renew his RRV for another 5 years?