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  1. Didn't think the day would ever come!! 309 and 100 granted just now Timeline: Applied March 2019 RFI Dec 2019 Moved to Melbourne on 600 Jan 20 (to let kids start school at start of term) Notification for husband to leave in Feb 20 Booked flight to NZ Mar - they were cancelled Waiting, waiting, waiting on borders to open Took head staggers on Monday, booked a flight to Dublin, my husband arrives in 1hr and grant has just come through Extremely stressful experience and extra risk and cost to send him home, then he has to quarantine on return. But delighted we are now out of Limbo...And can start our new lives in Melbourne properly!
  2. @Pneill and @Poppysunday was curious if you've managed to get anywhere with your visa grants. We are in the same position, should of been to NZ and back last week but just sitting in limbo. It's so frustrating as my husband is a care worker and we are living in regional Victoria, so he could be working and helping but can't. I contacted my local federal mp, who just read my correspondence with immigration and said, sorry because he's on a legal tourist visa, there's nothing they can do, he's not illegal. Never been so frustrated....you would think in the exceptional circumstance a bit of common sense would be applied and they grant them without all this added stress!
  3. I forgot to update on here, been busy the last week. Got our email last week to leave Australia to activate the 100 visa. Such a relief!! Applied March 2019 RFI Dec Approved Feb 2020
  4. Got our email yesterday to leave Australia for my husband's visa grant, they indicated for the 100. Applied off shore (NI) March 2019, RFI end of Dec, entered Aus 16th Jan on 600 visa, letter to leave when ready yesterday (up until Sept 20) Have never been so relieved about anything in my life. Feel like our life has been on hold for the last year. It's all starting to come together now! Kids started in their new Australian school last week, I started my new job, my husband was just in limbo...it was awful. Best feeling ever getting the email yesterday! At first thought it was another RFI...and was about to flip it lol, but relieved when I read what it said. Pity we missed it by 3 weeks, but good excuse for a trip to Bali or NZ for 5 days
  5. @JoeMcC we applied in the middle of March 2019
  6. RFI on Friday evening! Relieved it's eventually been looked at, but so frustrated that they need further info! 1/ Police check was out of date by one week, so need another 2/ Been together 15 years, married 10 next year and provided a full timeline with supporting docs, but they want evidence from 2 specific time frames now! 3/ And an addiditional 888 form. 2 and 3 I can provide straight away, but waiting game on the police certificate. I have this ideal dream that if I get them uploaded within 10days, that the visa will be approved before we fly on the 14th Jan......I know, I'm dreaming lol We have 600 approved for 12 months, but the full visa would be the icing on the cake They did mention the further detail on relationship is for the 100 though, so at least that's positive, we should be permanent visa instead of 309
  7. I've just submitted my husbands 600 application...fingers crossed!! I uploaded: Scan of his passport (just checking did you get these certified? I just uploaded coloured scans?) Drivers licence Marriage certificate Also letter from me saying I would financially support him in Oz etc and that we were both aware of the visa conditions that he cannot work in any manner and will leave the country when his visa expires. I also attached a letter from my cousin who lives in Oz offering for us all to stay in hers free of charge and that she would also financially support us. Credit card statements showing available balances Savings account statement My Australian passport Kids Australian passports, Kids Australian citizenship certificates I gave up at that stage lol We have flights booked for January 14th 2020, so fingers crossed, as I think I might of left it a bit tight! With Christmas period coming up.
  8. congrats @Poppysunday I'm applying for ours tomorrow, nearly done with this 19 page application, ahh lol. Haven't got to the end yet, so this question might be a bit premature. Do you attach the documents after you submit it - similar to the spouse one?
  9. Applying for a 600 visa this weekend, so we can head to Australia for the kids to start school in January. I have a job offer (the Australian) My husband wont work until the spouse visa is approved - he will settle kids in school etc. Just checking with others that have applied, is it the tourist stream, or sponsored family stream option I need to apply for? Thanks in advance (if anyone replies lol)
  10. Ah! Thanks for the response @Flaire. So am I right in thinking as I've not had a RFI that this wouldn't appear for me then? It's been wrecking my head continually trying to find it....it definately doesn't exist for me lol
  11. Hi everyone New to the group, although it's been helping keep me sane over the last few months! Thanks for that guys, particularly love the excel tracker! There's one thing that keeps coming up that's worrying me. The "I confirm I have provided information as requested" button has never ever appeared on our application. There was an error message for months stating this on the log in screen, it said it was a known error and not to worry that a case offer could still see the documents. But after reading about the case where a spouse visa was rejected because these documents could be seen, has still got me worrying about it! Timeline, applied in March 19, medical done in April, still no response. Has anyone else experience of not seeing this button? It still says that the documents are "received" as the status beside them? We are heading out in January, so about to apply for one of the 12 month tourist visas. Never have I experienced so much stress over forms and waiting in my life!