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  1. Thanks for the tip. I will give them a look.
  2. I have inherited a motorcycle that is located in Hampshire, England. It isn't worth anything as it doesn't work. However, many of the parts would be useful to me as I am restoring a similar motorcycle at the moment here in Australia (Sunshine Coast, Queensland). I have contacted a few shippers now and no-one seems to want to help. I am not interested in all the hassle to ship a complete motorcycle as it is not registered in my name (not registered at all actually) so will strip it down when I go back to visit family in June and will either have to get someone like DHL to courier the parts or find someone currently living in the south of England but will be moving to Queensland in the second half of 2020 and may have space in a container. I know that's a long shot but is there anyone here that might be in a position to help? Cheers Bill
  3. BikerBill

    Travel to UK on Australian passport

    Our UK passports expired 3 years after arriving here. They were about to expire when I needed to return to England urgently and at short notice. It turned out to be faster, cheaper and more convenient to get Australian citizenship and an Aussie passport than it was to renew our UK passports. That was in 2005 and we haven't held a UK passport since. A bit weird being questioned every time we land back in the UK about what I am doing there, how long I am staying, where I am staying etc. Particularly as the person doing the questioning is clearly not born in the UK. But getting back to Oz and racing through customs makes up for it.