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  1. PJA87

    491 invite & grant

    It’s been so long that I forgot that there was a fee for state nomination. Ok, that makes sense then. yes, I do mean that. State sponsorship in March, then applied within the 60 days.
  2. PJA87

    491 invite & grant

    I got my invite in March and still no grant. At the time the estimated processing time was 30 days but the last update was up to 85 days, which I have surpassed and now there isn’t an estimated progress time visible anymore. So, I assume my application has been pushed back for a while which is understandable considering Covid. Did you submit and pay for your visa prior to the 28th of June to avoid it being deleted then? https://www.acacia-au.com/state-migration-update-june2020.php
  3. PJA87

    Processing Time Disappeared

    Mine disappeared today too. I had surpassed the 76-85 days though so I don’t know what to think anymore. Does it mean they aren’t being processed? It’s so hard to predict what these things mean and my crystal ball is running low on battery.
  4. PJA87

    491 visa and coronavirus

    Hello, Does someone know what happens to those people who have been invited and applied but not yet granted, considering the closure of temporary skilled visas? My estimated processing time keeps extending every time I reach the range. It’s an emotional rollercoaster but I’m starting to see the funny side of it especially as it’s taken two years to get to this point. I also think realistically March to June 2021 will be a realistic expectations for borders, ie post vaccinations. Australia seems hyper paranoid about Coronavirus and obviously aiming for elimination rather than control. It has been scary to watch how reactive they have been about their state borders because it makes the concept of opening international borders unimaginable. On the plus side, for the next pandemic, I can only hope that I will be in Australia as they have done a solid job with this one .
  5. PJA87

    190 processing time

    Hello, Does anyone know the average waiting period for an EOI to invite in South Australia for 190 visa based on the ‘high points’ route? Thanks in advance.