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    Price of a 20ft container UK to Oz

    Our shipping with PSS was sent 13th Jan and arrived in Sydney on 27 Feb so extremely quick. Its being delivered next week so ill keep you posted on what it looks like. Some companies also offer free storage on both sides too FYI.
  2. Abags

    Price of a 20ft container UK to Oz

    We are Balham to Sydney. Their depot is in Croydon. Defo negotiate
  3. Abags

    Price of a 20ft container UK to Oz

    @Silver_Swan We are London to Sydney CBD. Yep it makes sense for your size to have the 20ft completely. I would go back to them and say you are getting quotations from another company too. I cant imagine the additional transport within the UK is that much.
  4. Abags

    Monthly GBP-AUD transfers

    Thanks @Ramot
  5. Abags

    Price of a 20ft container UK to Oz

    Hello @Silver_Swan - as FYI we just got a quote from PSS for 20ft of £3895 door to door but for 844 cubic feet. Packing and unpacking though I also referred my father there so they have potentially knocked off a bit more. Insurance on top. Robinsons for us came in fairly more expensive. They charge based on the cubic foot FYI. We ended up going with PSS 40ft 844 cubic feet plus our car for £4997. My parents quote for 40ft 2100 cubic feet (so no car and the full 40ft used for household goods) was £6124. Their packers were very good, efficient and friendly. We drop off the car next week and then the container will get sent off - no complaints so far.
  6. Abags

    Monthly GBP-AUD transfers

    Thanks @ramot thats good to know. Do you make payments on a monthly basis or hold out as above comment for larger transfers? Do you find the transferwise rate is good? Thanks so much.
  7. Abags

    Monthly GBP-AUD transfers

    Thanks for the responses all. I called Moneycorp to get some information but quite frustratingly they would not put me through to any account managers to discuss any options without opening up an account which I didnt really want to have to do if i wasnt proceeding with it. The reason I would want to transfer on a more regular basis would be to make mortgage payments/rent payments etc. Not really sure of a different way around it to be honest. Would welcome any suggestions! I know lots of Moneycorp comments, but I already have a Transferwise account - is there any difference except the fees? I would assume that Moneycorps exchange rate would not be as good as they would be taking their fee from there instead?
  8. FYI we got our VIA approved within about a week. Provided a comprehensive pack of information confirming ownership and usage. Very prompt and its being dropped to the shippers next week. Thanks for the help.
  9. Hi all I wondered if anyone had any suggestions or recommendations on the best method for monthly salary payments coming into GBP account and to transfer to AUD account. I will be working as a full time employee from NSW for an english company and my employer would like to continue paying me in GBP. Obviously this is very much a risk due to currency fluctuations so wondered if anyone had any experience in managing recurring transfers and the best way to avoid losing out too much on the conversions/money transfer fees? Thank you
  10. Thanks Iron Chef. So it might be the case they dont ask for anything else? How strange on their side that they dont ask for the ownership AND proof of use at the same time. Thanks
  11. Can i just get some clarification on the VIA process - we made an application and paid the 50 Dollar fee - they asked for the initial 100 points and we have provided that. After this, we were not provided with anywhere else to upload the 'proof of use' information. What are the formal next steps? Do they come back to you to ask for more information? Is the total waiting period for VIA approval inclusive of this initial wait time that we are now in? Just wondering if we have missed something here! Thanks
  12. Hello @Iron Chef We are in the process of our VIA for a Porsche 911 (2006, 62,000 miles) car and are also looking to ship household effects too. If we use our removal company to ship the car within a 40ft container with the rest of our household goods, will this be the most cost effective way? Or should we ship the goods in a shared container and then use a separate company for the shipping of the car alone? How much is that usually? Thanks for your help