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  1. I did get an email this morning saying "your application is progressing". I'm guessing that there are some delays going on, so it was good to get something, especially given it is now a year since we lodged At least we are luckier than some, my hubby is here in Australia with me.
  2. Finally received an RFI - we need to submit a stat dec re a police clearance from a country we used to live in but can't get a clearance from online (and can't go in person!) so need a waiver. What a relief that there is movement! We lodged in March and I was worried our other police clearances would expire soon (we had about 4 each, since we've lived all over the place). We had submitted a stat dec previously but it wasn't on Immi's official stat dec form I guess.
  3. the BV came into effect the next time he was due to leave Aus, and it was given with full working rights.
  4. We had the same - hubby came to Aus on a 651 visitor visa and were granted a bridging visa while here. This is now in effect so it makes the wait a lot more bearable for hubby!
  5. Nothing, zip, nada I'm hoping this week is our week, especially since so many lodged after ours have been approved, so we can't be far behind.
  6. Beginning to feel like they have forgotten our application, after seeing all these grants. We applied March 4 and still waiting
  7. They also seem to have skipped a lot of March applicants
  8. Wow, a 3 month grant, that is incredibly frustrating! No golden email yet, no matter how many times i check my email it's not there
  9. I called the immigration department and spoke to them directly about the conditions and they told me it was all good.
  10. Good luck on the bridging visa! I was shocked when they granted my husband's. His becomes active on the 13th January, and he's been offered a job already to start on the 13th! It's a massive relief, and a bright spot while waiting for the 309/100
  11. Congratulations!!! You lodged the day before I did so this gives me so much hope!!! I'd love that golden email, it is our daughter's first birthday today so that would just make my day!
  12. Buena suerte para ti también!
  13. As far as I know, it is based on where you lodged the application, not your passport. Therefore, yours should be processed in Indonesia, but it won't be London that's for sure
  14. Because your application was lodged in Bali, won't it be processed in Jakarta?
  15. You can add me to the spreadsheet - Lodged 4 March, no RFI yet
  16. So we lodged our application March 4, and my husband and I travelled to Australia at the end of March - he has been here on an eVisitor visa, having to leave every 3 months for a quick visa run to NZ. Way back in June we applied for a bridging visa so that he could stay until the 309/100 was granted but we were told he was not eligible for it because the 309 was lodged offshore. A couple of weeks ago we got an email saying he had been granted the bridging visa anyway, which becomes active in early Jan (on the date he was supposed to leave for his next NZ visa run) - meaning he can now stay in Aus until the 309 is granted (he will have to leave for the grant). They also put no conditions on it, which i think means he has full work rights! So it's not the 309/100 grant but I'm not complaining
  17. As far as I know applications lodged in the UK are processed in the UK.
  18. No grants this week? How frustrating!
  19. Congratulations! That's so exciting, and one step closer to March applications
  20. Hi all, I lodged my application in Spain (processed in London) on 04 March 2019 - have uploaded all requirements. Had no RFI so still waiting (not very patiently anymore!!). Glad to hear that they are processing some of the Jan applications, hopefully that means March isn't too far away. Hubby is now in Australia on a tourist visa, but that expires in march 2020 so I'm really hoping his 309/100 is granted before then.