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  1. My advice is don't stress, I personally have known two cases, one not 143 but PR visa was delayed due to surgery/pacemaker, and had a 10 year cost assessment done and the lawyer presented a very strong case, after multiple rejections before, I too helped out by providing an affidavit of some sort. Finally was granted. Second case was 143 and granted. My advise is think outside the box, if not 143, maybe the 3 year or 5 year visa? hope this helps, All the best.
  2. Got comms from DHA to leave the country (not China) & visa will be granted Just wanted to share: Things To Do Tips after initial application (while waiting couple of years till you hear back from a case officer from my experience/things I may have done differently) Apply for a visitor visa (& hope they grant min 3 years multiple entry or more) Once visitor visa granted, fork out more money and pay for a year in advance in private health insurance & do not let it lapse to cover for unforeseen waiting period problems (this could change in future) Form 80 takes a long time, better start filling in and after every o/s visit, making a record every time If you have overseas non english, national id card, relationship cert etc, get it translated via Naati Go to centrelink* and get a CRN, it just speeds things up when AOS is requested Open A/c with CBA, just speeds up the AOS Bank Draft process Last but not least, monitor this forum every ~5 months to be in the loop (read from current page -15) *One could, like I did, apply for their parents, they literally have no idea lol. I just mentioned that its gonna be a long wait, leave everything to me and just get the documents ready when I ask Thank you ALL!
  3. Yep, got the request for 2nd vac, Happy Friyay!
  4. Just received the AOS Acceptance letter. They've said that they have notified the DHA that its been accepted.
  5. Hi Greece, yes, they didn't bother calling me even though the guy said that I was due for an interview But, the guarantee letter came in my mygov inbox - still haven't received the paper mail. Using that I opened up a bank guarantee and using Miley's guidance I attached the band guarantee + original bg request letter from centre link in one PDF file (used the merge pdfs feature in adobe acrobat). So currently I'm awaiting the final letter. In the meantime I've written twice to my case officer for extension w/o any reply.
  6. so I called them today, the guy said that he didn't have a direct no to Aos folks but read a note on my file that they had called me for an interview to request a bond. I think they meant a bank guarantee, so it seems i'm on a right track? I requested to be notified via sms (which he mentioned he'll put on my file notes) so I am ready for the call which sadly he mentioned could take another week.
  7. sure, lodged 6th Jan 16, further doc request on 4th Nov, Aos submitted on 6th nov, 9th Jan missed call from AOS. I'm going to ring them today.
  8. Hello all, I received a no caller ID phone call and my hunch it was the AOS folks. I logged into centrelink and says the AOS has been completed. But, I dont see any online request for bank guarantee and uploading further documents..? has anyone faced this before? Thank you
  9. Does one receive a confirmation email once the supporting docs are sent? apart from AOS (which was due to be finalised on 19Dec), I have submitted everything and also requested an extension due to delay in AOS but I haven't received any confirmation yet. My concern is that the original email stated that I needed to submit everything by 11th Jan...
  10. Ok, I wrote to my accountant and she advised me that my ato refund is on 7th Nov. I had to link the ATO to MyGov as I did with centrelink and after navigating a bit was able to find where I could access all the previous years assessments, neat! and my return lodged on 31st Oct has assessment due on 7th. My accountant advised me to download a softcopy, so I'll be waiting till 7th Nov to lodge my AOS. Cheers
  11. I got the emails today for application submitted Jan 16. Rushed to centrelink to get the CRN, filled out the AOS form, but now stuck with the same predicament as HAN. So basically my accountant filed the returns on 31st Oct, so I dont have the fy18/19 tax assessment. I was wondering if I can submit it and when the assessment comes add in as an attachment OR, should i wait for assessment to come..which might take at least two weeks? Thanks