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  1. @NemesisI'm flying with Royal Brunei but others were still cheaper than booking with other airlines at this time.
  2. Just to update people. I took the plunge and booked my tickets with Travel Trolley through Skyscanner in the UK and everything went smoothly. Eticktes were issued to me within minutes of me making the payment to them for the advertised amounts. Lets hope this also works for others should they need to try them. Counting down the days til I fly out to the GC.
  3. Hi, im looking at booking flights for next month and the cheapest I can get is through Travel Trolley via Skyscanner. They are about £65 cheaper than the main airline. Has anyone had any experiences with this company? Good or bad? Thanks in advance Damo
  4. Thanks @Nemesis Can you tell me how or what I need to do to update my application from a PMV to a partner visa as I’m due to get married in May 2020, so was wondering what I need to do to update this or how I contact the immi team? Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance
  5. I noticed that the processing times for subclass 300 is between 18-24 months and subclass 309 is between 17-20 months. I assume the difference is whether you are married or not? Can anyone confirm this is the only difference between these 2 sub-classes as my application shows the longer processing times currently as I am not married at the moment. Will my subclass change if I get married during the visa application stage? Many thanks in advance.
  6. Just seen that the processing times have increased again... Now showing between 18 to 24 months!! Not the news I am sure anyone on here wants to read or know. Lets hope 2020, can produce some miracles and get these processing times down, they have increased so much in the last few months.
  7. Hi, Can anyone confirm whether any emails are sent through to confirm the change in status on your visa application? Currently, I’m checking my status daily, sometimes 10 times a day, however, I was wondering if I get an email to confirm the status has changed from received to initial assessment or when I get assigned a CO? Many thanks in advance Damo
  8. Can someone confirm that if you apply for a 309 visa from the UK, it is processed by a case office in the UK? Or is still processed in Australia? Sounds obvious but as the log in times on the IMMI website refer to Australian times, this is where my uncertainty comes from. any sensible answers appreciated, I have given myself enough silly replies already. Thanks Damian
  9. Hi, I have applied for my subclass 309 visa and have a date set to get married in May 2020. What if anything do I need to do if my visa hasn’t been processed by then? Is it a case of uploading the marriage certificate and waiting? Or do I need to apply for a different visa? Will there be any more costs involved? Any help and advice would be appreciated.
  10. DamoC

    How many times can I use an ETA in a year?

    Hi, Thanks for the heads up. I’m hoping to only need an ETA in Feb as waiting on a 309 visa to be granted but I know they are taking an age to be checked and approved so just wanting to make sure I didn’t over do the ETA applications. plus who enjoys the jet lag for the week after you are back in the cold and dark of the UK? Thanks again for your advice and comments.
  11. Hi, can anyone confirm how many times and how often I can apply and get an ETA. I visited the Gold Coast for a 2 week holiday in September this year. I’m looking at visiting again for 2 weeks in Feb 2020 before going back out again for 3 weeks at the start of May 2020? Can this be done legally as I don’t want to be refused entry for visiting too many times in 8 months. Many thanks in advance
  12. Hi very stormy, Thank you for your detailed reply. The police check came back as NO TRACE, which on the cover letter states ‘You do not have any conviction, Cautions, final warnings or reprimands’. The no live trace is the next one down but that doesn’t apply to me. Thankfully. Thanks for the update on timescales for Applications to be processed. I am getting married in May 2020, so I will have to go for a 2 week holiday/honeymoon and come back which will be gutting to day the least. let’s hope I get my visa granted with more than 1 day to spare for the meds and police check. Fingers crossed. Thanks again for the info, it’s much appreciated
  13. Only 1 month ago. Medicals all done and uploaded. Police certificate came back today(no trace, phew), so will be uploaded tomorrow. I was hoping that once these got uploaded it would trigger them to appoint a CO, as all other documents filled in and completed as much as possible. I guess not. Has anyone else applied in the last few months got any further than received as their status? Thanks Damian
  14. Hi Poppy, Thanks for your reply. Fingers crossed my luck is better than my lottery numbers. I will sit tight and wait for an update email from them. Hopefully an early Christmas email would be nice. Fingers crossed.
  15. Hi, I am new to this forum, so apologies if this question has been asked 1001 times previously. Is there a certain amount of documents or certain documents that need to be uploaded on to the visa application to get it to be allocated to a CO or is it just the luck of the draw on how quick your own individual case gets picked up? Can any one provide any recent timelines on when they submitted their application and got a CO appointed. Any answers or suggestions on ways to help get the visa allocated to a CO or tips to get the visa approved first time would be really helpful for keeping some of my hairs from all going grey...