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  1. I have whist been granted my 600 visa onshore for 12 months. Whilst I wait for my sc309 to be processed. can anyone confirm if I can extend my 600 visa when it expires next year if my sc 309 is not processed by then? If so, what costs are involved or is it just the same cost as the original sc600 visa. Thank you.
  2. Thanks @paulhand your reply is appreciated as always. Let’s just hope this is the same result as and when my application is processed.
  3. Hi, Can anyone confirm if you are allowed to enter Australia currently once your off shore partner visa is approved? Or is this subject to getting an exemption, or waiting for the international borders to be reopened again, whenever that may be. I just need to know the risks in heading back to the UK, while my visa is being processed, or if I’m best staying in Australia. Even though I can’t work due to restrictions on current tourist visa/bridging visa.
  4. Hi, is anyone else having an issue on their immi account that the processing time is missing on their off shore PMV? i checked the processing times and it states between 13-17 months. Which is promising, however, it’s missing off my application page. Is this because these are on hold at the moment due to Covid as they are focusing on onshore and exemption visas? Thanks in advance as always for any comments or advice
  5. @Marisawright @paulhandAfter looking at the home affairs website and being given guidance by the call handler on the contact number on their website, I thought that this was what was what I was required to do. To confirm the call handler only gave general guidance and no advice during my call. my situation is that when I applied I was a PMV and informed them in my application that I was getting married in May 2020. From what I read, I have to write and confirm I wish to cancel my PMV, with a cover letter stating I wish to transfer this to a partner visa and this would be automatically transferred? if this isn’t the case, please let me know where I’m going wrong and how much (approx.) a migration agent would cost to assist? Thanks again
  6. Hi, I need to post a marriage certificate to the UK embassy in the UK, along with a letter to confirm that I have recently got married and to change my PMV to a partner visa. Can anyone tell me the postal address or if there is an email address I can send this info to, as I am currently in Australia, so not sure how long it will take to get there by post. Many thanks in advance Damian
  7. DamoC

    Bridging visa A timescale

    Hi @paulhand, I haven’t taken any professional advice yet. Do you have any idea on what ball park figure this advice could or should cost to get? kind regards
  8. DamoC

    Bridging visa A timescale

    Hi, I have applied for a Bridging Visa A while I am in Australia, whilst I am awaiting for my off shore 309 visa to be processed. Does anyone have any ideas of how long it takes to get processed and assessed. Also, does this mean that I can stay in Australia whilst my 309 visa is being processed. As I am only on a 651 visa currently, which only allows me to stay in Oz for 3 months at a time. Which is why I applied for the bridging visa, as I can’t currently fly out of Oz at the moment. Any help would be much appreciated.
  9. DamoC

    651 visa leaving and re entering Australia

    Thanks @paulhand I don’t want to take advantage of the 651 visa, it’s just whilst I want for my PMV to be processed and approved.
  10. Hi, Does anyone know how long you have to be out of the country for before coming back into Australia on a 651 multiple entry visa? Can I simply fly to NZ Stay one night and fly back in for another 3 months whilst my 651 is still valid? Or do I need to make a longer trip out of the country, obviously once flights are up and running again. Thanks in advance
  11. @NemesisI'm flying with Royal Brunei but others were still cheaper than booking with other airlines at this time.
  12. Just to update people. I took the plunge and booked my tickets with Travel Trolley through Skyscanner in the UK and everything went smoothly. Eticktes were issued to me within minutes of me making the payment to them for the advertised amounts. Lets hope this also works for others should they need to try them. Counting down the days til I fly out to the GC.
  13. Hi, im looking at booking flights for next month and the cheapest I can get is through Travel Trolley via Skyscanner. They are about £65 cheaper than the main airline. Has anyone had any experiences with this company? Good or bad? Thanks in advance Damo
  14. Thanks @Nemesis Can you tell me how or what I need to do to update my application from a PMV to a partner visa as I’m due to get married in May 2020, so was wondering what I need to do to update this or how I contact the immi team? Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance
  15. I noticed that the processing times for subclass 300 is between 18-24 months and subclass 309 is between 17-20 months. I assume the difference is whether you are married or not? Can anyone confirm this is the only difference between these 2 sub-classes as my application shows the longer processing times currently as I am not married at the moment. Will my subclass change if I get married during the visa application stage? Many thanks in advance.