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  1. Thanks for the teenager advice, i know a love interest would be a game changer!!!!
  2. Hello I am gathering all my evidence together for my husbands 309/100 visa application. We have been together 11 years married for nearly 5. We have always had seperate bank a/cs yet he pays into my account a monthly lump sum to cover ALL our joint bills. The bills are in my name though, as i was in the house first and never changed them to joint, no trust issues, so never an issue. We never considered a move until this year to Australia, so having the bills in joint names was never considered a major issue. I am going to submit the last 12 months bank statements for each of our bank accounts to show his monthly lump sum transfer for the bills, plus my bank statements showing receiving the money and paying bills accordingly. He pays for all our entertainment ie food out etc so i have highlighted these on his statement too. Is 12 months statements enough that show the process of our finances? Is there anything financial in particular that is worth giving as evidence? I was intending to get letters from our life insurance policy to show we are beneficiaries to each others policy. Would this be good evidence? Thanks in advance.
  3. Thanks glad to hear from someone with a teenager in the same situation. That's my intention, giving him a couple of months in Year 10 to adjsut before hitting Year 11 & 12. How has your daughter settled into life in Australia? My son has been 4 times for holidays, yet i think holidays are always different to "real life" he is very keen to go, we have a lot of family there. He has not once said he doesn't want to go, and he says i am fretting about him making friends he's not worried at all about that. I think i might have a dilemna on my hands if he had a girlfriend!!! My husband and I are keeping our fingers crossed he doesnt find a love interest in the UK between here and now!!! We did jokingly say to him don't get a girlfriend until you get to Australia!!!...... Would be keen to hear how your daughter is getting on..
  4. Ah no he does love them as much as me. He lives by the mantra Happy Wife Happy Life........
  5. Thanks again for further information, i will explore all options presented. My main intention is to ensure he is there to start the Year 11 in Australia that is a given. My husband has suggested that the local takeaway will happily accept the dogs, and the cat would make a nice pair of slippers.
  6. Thank you for your replies. I have rang the home affairs on in Australia, and they have confirmed my husband does not need me accompanying him to enter. ( I will already be there.) As they explained it is "his" visa to enter and does not require me to be there. I would be going before my husband as mentioned to get my son started in the school system. My son will finish his GCSE's Year 11 at the end of the school year here in the UK in July 2020. I will not remove him from the UK system until the GCSE's are completed. I will look into the syllabus for SA as that's where i come from and are going to. I have explained to my son that if he starts school in September 2020 in Adelaide, i would expect due to age and year differences to the UK , he would do the final year term of year 10, then in January 2021 he would start year 11 and carry on from there. I think this would also help him ease into Australian school life to do the last term in Year 10. He's not really happy to do year 11 again but have said he will have a huge advantage of being very familiar with year 11 coursework and possibly have an advantage to making Year 11 in Australia less stressful. I think to go into year 12 would throw him completely off balance. He is an August baby he's always been youngest in his class. He will still not be 16 even when finished his GCSE's. But that's another issue of the UK school system and summer born children.......i will not digress. It's tricky i wish we had planned to go a bit earlier in his schooling but we only made a final decision in March this year after much thought. Funnily enough it has been me delaying the move for years, because i had not reconciled leaving the UK, after 20 years here. But after another visit back home early in the year i was then convinced i was ready to go home. The pet's are a massive expense but essential to our family feeling complete. Some may say we are mad but pet owners who have taken theirs will know what i mean. I feel like my pets should be in business class for the cost involved!!!!
  7. Hello to all I'm new to this and have been getting my husbands (UK Citizen) application for a 309 visa ready for the last couple of months. I am aiming to get it lodged in early January 2020. I know it is going to take at least 12 months to get approved. I'm an Australian Citizen and my Son who is 15 is also Australian Citizen. We have been together for over 12 years and married for 4 years. My questions are as follows (I hope they make sense!!!) 1. I am trying to make this move as seamless as possible for my son's education. He is currently in Year 11 in UK and i know in Australia he would be in Year 10 equivalent being 15. Has anyone else moved a 15 year old and how did you deal with the school transfer into the Australian system? 2. I feel i need to get my son into the Australian school system asap due to his age and future career choices, this being said, i am considering going over before my husband's visa is granted. I know it's risky but doubt he will be refused the 309 visa. I am considering doing this at the end of the school year in UK July 2020. 3. Once my husband's visa is granted would he be able to enter Australia on his own, or does he need me accomanying him to enter? My husband is happy to wait until it is granted as we also have a business to sell. He would stay in our current rental property until visa granted, then come over to Australia. Also me and my son going earlier would allow us to set up a home, and get the pets sent over, so they stay with my husband UK end and come to me at the other end once house organised. So this would mean he would be spending approximately 6 months or so, still in the UK whilst we are in Australia. Is this feasible? Has anyone else done it this way?? Would be grateful for any advice.