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  1. Thank you, the issue I have is that the SCITT wasn’t organised or assessed by the University but by Essex Teacher training instead this is why the Uni won’t write a transcript or letter even though it is part of the PGCE. I was thinking of talking to a migration agent but they aren’t experts in Teacher skills assessment and are more general I thought?
  2. Hi, not very well I can’t get one either the university are very reluctant to help!
  3. Hello did your friend who was rejected submit a letter on university letterhead explaining the SCITT was alongside PGCE? Really appreciate your help! Thank you
  4. Hello everyone Please can someone help me with my Skills Assessment applicaton to AITSL. I am a secondary teacher with 3 years experience, I completed my PGCE with a University alongside doing a SCITT with a teacher training organisation at the same time. It was a joint course where the university and the teacher training organisation worked together. I completed my PGCE which consisted of three modules each worth 20 credits and my supervised teaching practice (45 days plus) at a secondary school was completed through the SCITT. I am worried I will not be accepted by the AITSL as my 45 days + surpervised teaching practice was not completed wthin the PGCE but within the SCITT. After checking the AITLS website it says that they require a transcript from the University outlining my supervised teaching practice. I have this from the Teacher Training Organisation who ran my SCITT but not the University who provided the PGCE as they wont provide me with one. Has anyone had any experience of completing their skills assessment witihin the same circumstances or have any advice they can give me? Thanks