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  1. Lambert

    Secondary Teacher Help

    Yeah applied from overseas directly with the Education Queensland. They do promise you the world and when you get here take it all back though
  2. Lambert

    Secondary Teacher Help

    I’m in a public school on a 482 visa.
  3. Thanks Paul. Do you have space/time to assist me in this? Thank you
  4. Hi all, I apologise in advance about the long(ish) post hit wondering if someone could help me with something. I’m currently on a 482 visa with Education Queensland as a secondary school teacher. I got invited to the 491 visa and was not long before getting it granted (literally days) but then my mother sadly and very suddenly passed away. COVID happened and I didn’t go back home (my husband isn’t British and I’d not seen my mother for many many years but that’s a different story).. On my 482 visa I’m in Mackay QLD, which I find really lonely and would prefer to be somewhere like Brisbane or if regional Cairns or the GC. I’ve recently had a new opportunity to work overseas in a very prestigious international school. I’m wondering should I take it and try and apply for PR (hopefully QLD) in a year or two time OR should I remain in Australia and see if QLD would give me another shot at 491 and if I don’t get that Ed Queensland already said I could go on a 187 visa. Could I even get a 491 visa nomination seeing as I had to withdraw the last time due to these horrible circumstances? Any advice is so greatly appreciated as I just feel lost. Thank you in advance
  5. Hi all, I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice. I’m on a 482 visa.. I got offered the 491 and did all the paperwork but had to withdraw at the last minute due to my mother passing away and I just couldn’t commit to the visa at this time.. then covid happened and it was so hard to go back to my home country.. As it’s now fine I need to try and go back. If I cancel this visa or leave my job will this be classified as a cancelled visa meaning I couldn’t come back if I was to apply for another visa. Thanks in advance
  6. Lambert

    Form 80

    I got mine granted without Form 80
  7. Lambert

    employment history

    Nope that’s what I did and I got it granted
  8. Lambert

    491 grant

    Thanks mate! Really happy
  9. Lambert

    491 grant

    I already live and work in regional QLD so just moving to the GC where I’ll set up life!
  10. Lambert

    491 grant

    Just had my grant from DOHA after submitting just less than 2 weeks ago!!!
  11. Just be mindful that you need a job offer from Victoria first before you can lodge the EOI.. now as you don’t have a lot of time left getting the job offer then the invitation is such a stretch.. Have your done your skills assessment yet? That takes roughly 10-12 weeks. I think the $4-5k Is ambiguous seeing as you need health checks, PCC from the countries you’ve been in for longer than 12 months, English tests etc. You can leave if you still have your WHV in tact.. bridging B is easy to get also, I got it!
  12. Hey, great to meet another British teacher.. I’ll try and answer as many questions as I can: Relationship status: Put defacto as that’s what you are. This only really applies if you are wanting to bring your partner with you on your visa. As your partner is Australian he in independent of you. Your also not applying for a partner visa (you on his) so again your absolutely fine Leaving: as soon as you lodge your visa, you’ll get your bridging A and you’re right you can’t leave. The bridging won’t come into affect until your 417 has expired. However, you can apply for the bridging B. That allows you leave Australia whilst your 189 is being processed. 189 EOI: Just be mindful even with those points your not guaranteed. I had 85 for 189 and actually work as a teacher here and didn’t get invited for almost a year. I put invitations for state sponsorship and got it a week later! Just be mindful Do you work as a teacher here now?
  13. Lambert


    WA: most jobs are on the graduate list only, meaning if your not a graduate with a WA University your out. A lot of other states require job offer first. This is usually for people either on temp visas or graduates. It’s very hard to get a job from overseas as if they do offer you one, EOI can take weeks and the application can take months! No employer will really wait that long QLD: don’t need job offer but they have very very limited quota. Have a go though! It’s becoming tougher and tougher to be in Oz. When you do get there, it’s becoming more and more expensive to live. Where you from?
  14. Lambert

    491- any regional area?

    State which sponsored you
  15. Lambert

    190 Visa - Victoria

    Have to be more specific.. what is the job code, what’s your points for etc