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  1. If you are granted a student visa onshore while on a working holiday visa, when does the student visa come into effect? When the course starts? Or does the WH visa get revoked and the student visa comes into effect? Also, how is the transition between the visas like? For example, let's say the working holiday visa expires on 15/1/2020 and the academic course starts on 15/2/2020. Do you have to leave the country between those dates or do you go on a bridging visa?
  2. I read the explanation on the VETASSESS website but I just can't wrap my head around it. Can you maybe give me an example?
  3. Thank you very, very much for the thorough answer! So basically, if my occupation requires 1 year of post qualification work experience for the skills assessment and I have that, I will pass the skills assessment but won't be able to claim immigration points as that 1 year was used for the assessment, right?
  4. I would like to know if someone could nominate any occupation from the occupation list for the 485 visa (graduate work stream).