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  1. Hi, just a quick question - where do you upload information after the RFI? Is there a separate section or do you decide where it should go depending on the category? Thanks!
  2. Hi All, I got an RFI today for mine and sponsor's criminal checks plus history of relationship declarations. I've already applied for one criminal check so awaiting a reply. Glad to see so many movements recently Hopefully not a long wait now..
  3. I would also be interested in knowing. I also applied in May 2019. I've completed my medicals in Dec, now getting criminal checks done and Sponsor's birth certificate. I really hope they don't ask for anything else
  4. No, I didn't use an agent. As far as I remember, after I submitted my application it asked me to open up an immiaccount for the sponsor quoting my application number. It then asks the sponsor the same questions they requested from me in the application form (but from their perspective). This is the same as Form 80 - if you have filled it in and scanned into your application then you should be fine, however I remember some people here complained they had done this and were then asked in RFI to open up the sponsor's immiaccount to fill in this information nevertheless! Perhaps check with your agent? On the application status, this is what Home Affairs website says: Check your application status If you applied online you can check your visa application status in ImmiAccount. We assign a status to your application to show progress. The status shows next to your application in 'My applications summary'. Incomplete means you have started but not completed an application. Ready to submit means you have completed an application and can submit. Submitted means you have submitted an application. Received means we have received an application from you and can assess it within the current processing times. Initial assessment means we are assessing your application. Further assessment means we are assessing the information we requested from you. Finalised means we have made a decision. We will notify you by email or post. Note: The application status for My Health Declarations and Partner sponsorship forms will always display a status of submitted and will not change to a status of received.
  5. Mine (the applicant) also says "received", whilst my partner's (the sponsor) says "submitted". He applied through a separate account which is linked together with mine (I believe that's the new way of submitting Form 80).
  6. Thanks and congrats on your golden email!
  7. Congratulations everyone, glad to see some movement finally. I've applied in May and haven't heard anything yet. Also, how do you include text in the signature to add the date of lodgement etc.
  8. Hi, I was wondering how you got on with the re-qualification procedure and whether you found work in Aus. I am also thinking of re-qualifying however I understand it takes time so might have to look for a different job until then. Thanks
  9. Thanks. I thought some people had RFIs on this. May as well upload..
  10. Hi All, Just saying hello and joining the thread I've been watching for months now since I applied for a partner visa in May. I am waiting for an RFI to do police checks and medical. Haven't heard anything yet but I continue to upload any relevant documents. Does anyone know if Sponsor's birth certificate is required or is a scan of the passport and Australian citizenship certificate enough?