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  1. I've asked shanghai vfs (their visa centre) and they've told me to submit an inquiry since people in China don't need and can't do biometrics for Australia. I'm just worried because I'm technically not a "Chinese" citizen though. I've emailed immi but seriously it's been more than a week and they haven't replied (they say I have to do biometrics within 14 days)
  2. I have a Hong Kong passport but I'm living in Shanghai. I have been asked to provide biometrics however I can't seem to book an appointment with an AVAC in China where I'm at and will be until I go to Australia. I've submitted an enquiry but since I have 14 days to get it done, how quickly do you think they'll reply or how else can I contact immi? Most applicants in China do not need to provide biometrics (fingerprints and photographs). AVACs in China are currently not able to provide biometrics collection services for any other visa types. If you have received a request to provide biometrics, and you are currently located in China, you should submit an enquiry through this form and we will then inform you whether you need to provide your biometrics.
  3. Hi all just a quick question. I currently live in Shanghai and I'm applying for a student visa. I am however a Hong Kong citizen and applying with my HK passport. Anyone know if I am able to do biometrics + a health check here in Shanghai instead of going back to Hong Kong? Will immigration accept it all the same?
  4. Thank you! Okay I'll try my best haha don't want to lie but it's just so tedious. You're right though might as well sit down and at least do it to the best of my abilities. Wow 6 pages that's crazy! Well done
  5. Hi all, Sorry if stupid question but how important is it to fill out every single place I've been in the last ten years as per requirement on student visa application? The thing is I've renewed passports and also have dual nationality. I'll try my best but don't think I'll be able to do it to 100% accuracy (first world problems haha) Im international and travel almost every single major holiday so it's going to be very difficult. I don't even know how to start... I can't rmb where I've been in the past ten years omg
  6. Will that help our de facto status even though doing it in Perth it won't be for 'migration purposes'? Just one more piece is evidence I suppose?
  7. Does anyone know clearly how long we have to be 'living together' /have de facto status for? Some sources say 6 some say 12 months. Bear in mind this is for adding my partner into my existing student 500 (temporary visa for two years) visa as a de facto.
  8. I see and this is literally a god send. I will obviously do more research but thank you so much. We just want to be together.
  9. Thanks for your reply but it does say de facto which I understand is one year? Can you provide some further information as where you saw that a shorter time period will suffice if adding partner on to a temporary (student) visa?
  10. Hi all, I am after some advice. My situation is the following: My partner is from the UK and I have a Hong Kong and a Canadian passport. We met when I was finishing my studies in the UK (university). We have been friends for a very long time however only been actually in a relationship since May 1st 2019. I am starting a masters in Febuary of 2020. I have planned to leave for Australia at the end of January 2020. We are currently apart (from october 5th) as I have had to go home to Shanghai until then and she is planning to visit me once in January for two weeks and then finally move to Australia on a working holiday visa. While she is on her WHV we plan to live together and build de facto status for the hopes that she can be added to my student visa at a later date (I will declare it when I apply). My concern is that even though we have been in a relationship since May, our 'de facto' status will not start until January at the earliest (I'm going to open a joint account where she will put some money in and so we can make it look like we share some small expenses and bills) or April (when she comes) at the latest. That isn't enough time of 'living together' since as her WHV comes to an end we will have to add her to mine. Do you think they will take evidence that we have been dating since May although not living together? We have shared flights, shared trips, expenses, dinners, gifts pictures etc.
  11. jlai928

    Social Work aasw process

    Really helpful and thanks for your insight. I'll look into everything you've mentioned cheers and good luck to your friend
  12. Hi all, Does anyone have any experience in this? particularly in the Perth area but can relocate I am of the impression that you would have to work for non profits if you don't have AASW yet (in process of obtaining).
  13. Hi all, Really want to bring my partner over (have specified in initial student application that this may be the case). What counts as proof if we don't share finances? Are the 12 month rules lenient?
  14. jlai928

    Social Work aasw process

    Hi all, I'm asking on behalf of my partner who is a UK social worker and wants to join me in Australia (I'm on 500 student visa) so any insight/advice is welcome. 1. Is anyone familiar with social Work opportunities with non profits etc that don't require aasw (she'll be looking at these roles on a whv while simultaneously waiting/applying for aasw). Especially roles in our near Perth that can be of commutable distance. 2. For the aasw assessment would 65 points be enough or is that the bare minimum and it'll still be difficult for approval? 3. Can you switch to a 189 from a whv within the country?
  15. jlai928

    Advice needed! Don't let them separate us :(

    Okay just to clarify I can do that whenever right? Also yeah might also go down the route of her just getting whv then beginning the process of skilled 189.