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  1. Trudie

    Employer being a bully

    Thank you - yes I understand what you’re saying. They have already sponsored me for PR, that’s what I’m saying. In total, including the time I would be working for hem post visa grant, it will be close to five years. its a 187 visa - so for PR. if they revoke there sponsorship and put me on a DAMA visa then there will be no guarantee they will re sponsor me for PR again in a further two years. They already know how hard I work. I e managed their business and team members for 18months which has allowed them to take significant time away from the business. This is just a slap in the face and spiteful. The thing is I’ve done nothing wrong, they haven’t even discussed this with me, I was just told at a meeting yesterday.
  2. Trudie

    Employer being a bully

    They are bullying Maggie! They have continued to be off with me for no reason whatsoever. No discussion - nothing! They have moved the goal posts to suit them and it’s unfair. I have worked hard for them and yes they have paid for the visa application, however it’s going to cost them more money to switch me over to a DAMA visa, it doesn’t make sense. I’m months away from possibly being granted PR and I have no intention of just leaving. I am obliged to carry on working for them for two years. In total I would’ve worked for them for nearly five years - so they’ve most definitely had a huge return on their investment. I have gone above and beyond and done things I haven’t been remunerated for. They are doing it so I stay for a further five years on the hope they do re sponsor me for PR again. This post was asking for advice on possible things I could do to help, not to be told what I already know. your comment isn’t helpful just bias towards the employer.
  3. Trudie

    Employer being a bully

    Hi, i am being sponsored in a regional area of Australia on a 187 visa. My visa was refused due to a small error on the form that was filled in by a migration agent. We have lodged an appeal. Today my boss has basically told me that they’re withdrawing support for my appeal for the 187 as they want me to move onto the new DAMA visa. This would mean a possible five more years living here . Ive been here for 18 months already and was quite happy to work my obligatory period of two years post visa grant. Does anybody know if i can do anything about this? It’s unfair, I’ve worked hard for 18months for them only for them to turn around and do this! i don’t know what to do.. help.