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  1. Keera

    Age care Sponsorship

    Hi, My husband is working as AIN in a age care facility he just finished his cert 3 . But his employer offer him sponsorship, which i have never heard about. Does anyone got sponsor through cert 3 and got their permanent residency. A reachout would be really appreciated. Cheers
  2. Keera

    186 Restaurant Manager

    Hi, Consult a Migration Lawyer about applying for the new 494 Visa in November to get sponsorship from the State where you live. It's a points based application so will need an skills assessment and English Test. Even if you have more than 3 years full-time experience you could apply for the 190 which is PR straight away. Ask your Migration agent or lawyer especialised in regional visas Hi Biloela My state is Queensland and i am actually in regional place right now. Do you think 190 in Restaurant Manager is in skill list? i have 6 in each band in English too. Thankyou
  3. Keera

    186 Restaurant Manager

  4. Keera

    186 Restaurant Manager

    Thanks Mr Senise I was granted 4 year Visa June 2016. But due to business close down i had to change my employer and transferred my 457 and got accepted last year. I have done PTE and ready with required score. Just scared because I hardly find anyone in this forum talking about applying or getting PR. As I received my 4 year visa before march 2017 so finger crossed.
  5. Hi, It will be 4 years on 2020 working as a restaurant manager for a company . I have 457 ; not much help though I hardly find anyone with 457 to 186 as a restaurant manager. Wondering if there are not enough people applying for it or not talking about it. Anyone applied recently for 186 as restaurant manager got accepted or refused. I am even scared to apply for it. Dnt know what i am gonna do next year. A reachout would be really appreciated. Cheers