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  1. Loulabelle

    International bank account

    Thank you so much for this advice LobsterMonster! Really appreciate it
  2. Loulabelle

    International bank account

    Thank you for this! I did look into reactivating a dormant account but couldn’t seem to get anywhere with that. From what I could see they wanted me to go to the bank in person with ID which is impossible at the moment. I may try again and give the bank a call for advice. I don’t have any money in the account so not a worry about that. I would just really like to have the money left from my dad in my own account as my aunt is anxious about having it in her account. If I were able to reactivate the account, do you know if they would be able to have my Australian address on it and reactivate online banking for me too? With me having access to phone banking?
  3. Loulabelle

    International bank account

    Hi all, We have been planning to move back to Scotland for some time now. We were supposed to make the move this March but things were delayed with my dad passing away, so we were then aiming for September this year. However, with all that’s going on just now with Coronavirus, we’re concerned we might need to delay further. I have some money in the uk from my father which is currently being kept safe by a family member. She tried to put it into my account that I had before I left. However, they were unable to take the payment. I am unable to access the account by phone banking or online. As a result I am considering setting up an international bank account. Can anyone recommend one? Or an alternative?
  4. Loulabelle

    UK passport renewal

    Thanks again for your reply. I will check that out. I spoke with the passport advice service last night and they confirmed that I can apply when I get to the uk. They reckon i can submit the forms whilst still here then when I reach the uk I can send my passport by courier and that should be processed within 3 weeks - likely sooner if it’s straightforward. Might try that if I do need the 6 months validity. I’m so surprised at how easy and quick the whole process is!! Thanks again for your info
  5. Loulabelle

    UK passport renewal

    Thanks rammygirl. Did he have to have his photos signed and a countersignature for the forms? I’m hoping I might have an option to get it quicker than 3 weeks. But if that’s not possible then I’d like to have all my ducks in a row ready to submit the application. What evidence did he need to send? Did he have to send his original documents or do they accept certified copies?
  6. Loulabelle

    UK passport renewal

    Hi everyone, I’m hoping to travel to the uk urgently but have just realised that my passport will have 6 months until expiry left from October. Does anyone know if there would be the possibility that I could renew it whilst there? Im unsure how long I will be staying but will beat least 3 weeks. I know I can use the fast track service and collect from the passport office. Would they accept an application using a temporary address? Grateful for any help!