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  1. Arthur601

    188b Investor stream

    Yes, We did lodged application by ourselves five months ago and it was actually quite complicated. Thanks for giving me advice, hopefully the first question we hear from them would be “ how are u going to transfer the funds?”.. Thanks again! [emoji5]
  2. Arthur601

    Work under 188b visa

    Thank you so much
  3. Arthur601

    Work under 188b visa

    Someone tells me that if 188b visa granted, can I work in Australia within the 4years and 3 month ? Thanks in advance .
  4. Arthur601


  5. Arthur601


    Please spend a lot of time to read the attached files very very carefully before you go ahead the application. VISMG_BS_hk_188.pdf
  6. Arthur601

    188b Investor stream

    Thank you, and i will take this advice into my considerations..
  7. Arthur601

    188b Investor stream

    It's so true..That's gotta be so crazy and there are people said some agents will charge nearly AUD120,000.. here in Hong Kong..
  8. Arthur601

    188b Investor stream

    Thanks for your reply, and I just looked it up on the web that it's been reopened , I am going to give it a try anyway..Since migation is not a easy mission for me and I do understand I have to a lot of time on handling docuements after we receive the inviation from QLD HA. You know there are a lot of so called " migation consultants " giving out a lot of different informations on how to meet the requirments in the catageory 888 subclass 188...and they quote for more that AUS 100,000 on that . I think i will place the bet on my own.. :)) Really appreciate for your advice..Thanks again.
  9. Arthur601

    188b Investor stream

    Hi there I am new to this forum, and love to see some of you guys having 188b sumitted in recent time. Well, I also summited EOI to Queensland Australia these few days in Hong Kong and of course, just a little steps forward. Actually, i am going to summit by myself after i receive invitation from Immi Queensland. By the way, I really need you guys help out to sort out the following statment which keeps bugging me and I have asked a lot of people in Hong Kong and have a lot of different answers .Thanks in advance. Make an investment of AUD1.5 million in your nominating State or Territory After you lodge your application, you must make a designated investment of at least AUD1.5 million in the State or Territory in which the nominating State or Territory government agency is located. This investment must be in your name or in your name and your partner’s name. The investment must be made from unencumbered funds generated from qualifying businesses or eligible investments. To be eligible for the Business Innovation and Investment (Permanent) visa (subclass 888) Investor stream, you must hold the designated investment for at least 4 years from the date the investment certificate is issued by your nominating State or Territory. The sentence underlined "The investment must be made from unencumbered funds generated from qualifying businesses or eligible investments." ...... I am stuck.. I understand that i need to buy AUD 1.5M govenment bonds in 4 years. But, here comes with the questions. I was told that this AUD 1.5M must be gained profits or accumulated from investments such as investment funds, shares bullions or even real estate ....and i must proof documents to immi when they ask me the source of funds by returning supporting doccuments otherwise my application will be rejected if i cannot to do so, Is that true? I also need some advice here so that i won't miss any criteria from above. and Can anyone share some experiences by dealing with this application. I really do appreciate for that. Thanks again!