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  1. So happy!! I was waiting for the news articles to be released. Such a huge weight of our shoulders if it does actually happen!
  2. This is me! I am praying that this gets put through. I would have to get new police and health checks done when I can eventually fly. We can’t afford for me to leave and come back, I also have a small child. It’s so distressing everyday. I don’t hold much hope put for it being passed. The migration law is so ridiculous and old.
  3. I am the same here I’m on a 600 and had my email to leave. I had flights booked to NZ. Looks like they are going to allow travel to NZ fairly soon and some Pacific islands possibly. I’m not sure when but maybe in the next 3/4 months. I’ve got until September until I’ll need to do more documents.
  4. I applied for my 600 visa in December and it took 11 days. I flew out 6th feb thankfully. I got an email one week after being in Australia that they were ready to grant my 309/100. I had booked a trip to New Zealand on the 1st April but it all got cancelled. I’ve got until September to fly out
  5. I was due to leave for NZ on the first april. Been told I have until September to leave. I am contacting the Australian immigration minister for help!
  6. I am here at the moment in this circumstance. I have until September to leave! I have contacted the immigration minister for help
  7. Just had my email to leave Australia for my visa to be granted applied out of London 22nd July 2019. No RFI. Flew out on a 600. question for anyone who has flown out for their visa to ge granted. Letter says allow 5 days but I’m pretty sure everyone got theirs as soon as they flew out, I only want to leave for a few days with having quite a young baby to get back too!
  8. Flying out tomorrow to Sydney on my 600. Was hoping for a fluke email for my 309/100 Never mind, will give me an excuse for a lonesome holiday to NZ when I have to fly out! Cant wait to see family and friends and have some sun!
  9. Oh no :( that’s so frustrating. What are your circumstances? I applied for a 600 before Xmas and got 12 months. I wonder why there can be such a stark difference:(
  10. Anyone flown over on a 600? What details on the 309/100 did you update? What did you attach? Hope everyone is safe with the fires x
  11. Yeah it won’t ask for anything it’s up to you to prove it in your supporting documents. I have a job here, we have a child and family here too but I didn’t really go into it much. I guess it really depends on the individual processing your application
  12. I just attached them before I submitted the application. Did it all in one. There wasn’t a particular place I just uploaded them under the nessesary documents tab x
  13. Hello!!!! Very relaxed! I’ve just booked flights this morning!!
  14. Bank statement showing savings (circa 6k) credit card funds availability letter from me explaining stay letter from partner (Aussie) letter from my in laws advising we were staying with them for free etc my passport, my partners aussie and British passport (he’s dual) and my daughters Aussie citizenship and passport really easy application and we put exact days of a year x
  15. Just letting everyone know I got my visitor visa 600 granted today! Just had my email. 12 months stay from each date of arrival. Took 10 working days from applying. Flying out to Sydney early feb!