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  1. Ah nice! We’re going to be West if Sydney in the blue mountains so sometimes a little cooler ... a little. How annoying with the three month condition! If we get stuck with that I am not hugely sure we will fly out. May have to stick it out in the UK until the 309 grant.
  2. Pending 600 I have 80 days left in this miserable place I cannot wait to get to the local outdoor pool where my in laws live and feel the beautiful sun on my face! Oh the joy!
  3. I’ve put in my statement I want a 12 month stay for my 30th birthday, other family celebrations and to spend our daughters next Christmas in Australia with our Australian family. I’ve said the only reason I’d leave within those 12 months would be on the chance that my 309/100 was granted! So if your 600 says that, you can stay for 12 months right? Because as your said before the condition to leave every three months is a 651 not a 600 right?
  4. Lovely thanks! I didn’t think the 600 visitor visa required you to leave every three months !?!? I thought If you get granted 12 months you get to stay 12 months
  5. Yea I just mentioned this so maybe you could find a more helpful thread. As the U.K. only processes visas for European countries, that’s all. I was just trying to be helpful
  6. Went for my medical today for the 309/100 and for my 600 which I’m applying for next week. Just getting docs together for it. Were planning on flying out to Sydney on the 5th I’m just praying we get a 12 month 600. Once the medical is uploaded that’s everything ‘front’ loaded for my 309/100 which I applied for in July. Let’s hope no RFI!! For all those with 309/100 grants now many of you kept uploading new documents I.e new bank statements etc congrats to all who have their grants
  7. This thread is for VISAs applied for in London. I think there is a thread dedicated for Pakistan
  8. Nice one! What kind of things did you upload out of interest. I’m planning on uploading. letter from me outlining my stay letter from my in laws advising I am staying with them and they are going to support me letter from my fiancé advising that he is going to worn in Aus to support me and my daughter (fiancé and daughter Aus citizens) bank statement showing funds £ i wonder if that’s enough I don’t want to complicate things
  9. Hey Lovely Im just in the process of applying for the 600. Just a quick question. Where did you upload your savings/credit card bits. The document section on mine only has two tabs One is required - Travel Document, which is my passport Then the recommend - ‘exceptional reasons for extended stay in Australia as a visitor (beyond 12 months) there isn’t anywhere to generally upload documents.
  10. I am so so pleased for you 🥰
  11. The ONLY way I could track it was to go though my Facebook timeline (ashamed) and look at the date I was bragging about leaving the Uk.... and then moaning about being back in the UK. The last few years were easy with emails
  12. On the 309/100 one of the questions on the main form was asking what countries I had visited in the past ten years. I had to fill in the dates to and from and why I was visiting. It was a nightmare but I managed to complete it.
  13. Oh my! I can’t believe it! I can’t begin to imagine how frustrated you are.
  14. How many of you kept adding documents from lodgement? I.e monthly bank statements bills etc. I uploaded in July and haven’t bothered since.
  15. Isn’t that already asked for on the main application. I had to list dates to and from all places visited in the last ten years?