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  1. I currently hold a student visa 500, for Vocational Education and Training Sector, expiring on Mar 2022, My plan is to complete an English course and then proceed to TAFE course. I also applied for the remaining relative visa and got the acknowledgement letter, immigration department also sent me the Bridging Visa A (BVA) and will be in effect when my student visa 500 expired. My questions are: I didn’t pass the English course on time and I properly cannot complete my TAFE by Mar 2022. Do I need to inform Immigration Department and extend my student visa? Or, I can just let the visa expire and continue my course under the Bridging visa A? If I change my mind and do other courses, do I need to inform Immigration and make any changes on the student visa, I am going to stay here under BVA, after student visa expire, I don’t know how it works If I change my mind and don’t want to study, can I just stop my study and do sth else? I don’t have plan to depart Australia in next 50 years, and I am okay not to take any any social benefit such as Medicare. Will there any effect on my student visa and BVA? Thanks for any advice, much appreciated.
  2. Angela_auntie

    Aus PR leaving Australia while the passport expired

    Thanks Nemesis, do you know if I can stay in Aus with an expired passport? As long as my PR is valid? Thanks again
  3. Hi guys, I am PR, and my passport will expire on Aug 2020. I hold Chinese passport and I have to renew it via Chinese Embassy. I have been trying to renew my passport since Feb 2020, and I was told they suspend the passport application due to COVID-19. I don’t know when I can get the passport renewed. I may go back to my home country on Dec 2020. If I still cannot renew a passport by that time and don’t have a valid passport. Can I leave this country with an expired passport and valid PR visa, and then come back in the future? I can apply for a new passport in China, obtain a new passport number and inform Immigration Department to update my PR later on. Also, is that okay if I stay in Aus as a PR, but with passport expired, assuming I don’t leave this country? Thank you for any advice.
  4. Angela_auntie

    About applying 835 visa onshore

    Hi Tina, thanks so much for your reply. I actually mean whether I am eligible to be a sponsor (not assurer)for my brother even I just sponsored my parent recently. My understanding is that sponsor and assurer can be two different person, sponsor must be closed family member, assurer can be either sponsor or even a company as long as they meet the Centrelink AoS requirement.
  5. Angela_auntie

    About applying 835 visa onshore

    Hey guys, I am considering to sponsor my younger brother to apply for subclass 835 visa onshore. He currently holds a 500 visa, doing language course and TAFE. Considering the ever-changing immigration policy, we are thinking to apply for 835, our main concern is to let him stay legally in Australia with my family, while waiting for the outcome of 835. I got a couple of questions and hope you guys can help: I previously sponsored my parent to apply for subclass 143 visa, their visa have been granted on Jan 2020, am I okay to sponsor my brother now, is there a specific rule that restrict me to sponsor many people within certain period of time? I mean sponsor, not Assurance of Support. If my brother apply for 835 now, will he get a bridging visa straight away, or have to wait until his current visa 500 expires? In case my brother can’t finish study before his current visa expire, can he continue his remaining study under the bridging visa? Can my brother work full time under the bridging visa (if granted), or the bridging visa will grant him the same right as visa 500, i.e. work 20 hours max during school term? Thank you for the advice! Much appreciated!